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Script Viewer 1.3.2

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Script Viewer lets you easily view, pause and kill game scripts through an user interface (powered by ImGui) along with offering you the ability to start new scripts.

Mainly intended for toying around but it can also be used for debugging and educational purposes. :p

Might get extended to do more neat stuff in the future.

Make sure you have ScriptHookV installed!
After that it's as simple as dragging the ScriptViewer.asi into your GTA directory.

Simply press CTRL + O once you are in-game to toggle the overlay.
The game will stop running and all mouse and keyboard inputs will be redirected to the mod while the overlay is open (as long as the corresponding options are turned on).

Known issues:
  • Script reloading is borked for now, unloading the mod WILL cause a crash (unless recompiled with RELOADABLE macro set)

Potential future additions:
  • Ability to view and edit global / local values

  • Attempt to fix mod crashing on some setups

  • Added compatibility with latest game build (b2944)

  • Added the ability to record execution times of each script (along with the ability to see the instruction pointer's state for each trace for every non-asi script as a bonus)
  • Moved to table items (from the previously used list item) for a cleaner presentation
  • Added a component view and splitted mod options to their own component

  • Updated WndProc hook to improve compatibility with specific platforms (hopefully fixes the mod for "Rage Plugin Hook" users)
  • Added option to see stack size of each (non-asi) script
  • Added option to toggle visibility of execution times, off by default

  • Added pausing and profiling support for asi scripts
  • Added option to switch between highest and average execution time profiling
  • Fixed pausing / killing of script threads also affecting other threads with the same name

  • Fixed a crash when minimizing the game with the overlay open
  • Fixed scripts marked as "killed" not actually getting killed until the overlay was closed
  • Fixed script execution times being displayed in "ns" (when they're actually measured in "ms")
  • Fixed more race conditions which could occur when pausing a script

  • Added simple profiling! It'll show you the highest execution time of a script within a specific timeframe (and regularly refresh it), doesn't work for asi scripts (yet)
  • Added options to not block the game / keyboard inputs while the overlay is open
  • Fixed resizing of the main window not working
  • Fixed a potential crash when trying to kill an asi script
  • Fixed a race condition when pausing / unpausing a script

The mod is open-source and licensed with the MIT license.

Feel free to do whatever you want with it (and definitely don't hesitate to contact me for any remarks / questions / whatever you have about the mod!)
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