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  • E35753 4201956

    @justalemon I think I updated the source code in the Github repo to support b2545 without creating another release here. Does that version work? Otherwise I'll take a look again.

    03 Decembrie 2022
  • E35753 4201956

    @Cynir It does work on Linux. You have to open the game directory (not sure if the SteamOS interface has an option for it, you could simply start up normal steam in a desktop session and get to the game directory through game properties), drag and drop both ScriptHookV and chaos mod files as usual and add dinput8.dll as a native override for the game's proton prefix through (either through winecfg using protontricks or "WINEDLLOVERRIDES=dinput8=n,b %command%" in the game's launch options) to make sure proton doesn't ignore it. Make sure to check the mod's description as it's also mentioned in the installation guide.

    18 August 2022
  • E35753 4201956

    @IronClaw99 Fixed in 1.11.2 (will be up in a bit)

    29 Mai 2022
  • E35753 4201956

    @tupil96 Are you on an older build of the game by any chance? Those effects are should be working fine on the newest version.

    05 Mai 2022
  • E35753 4201956

    @IAmNotCool123 Yes it works with Rainbomizer

    31 Decembrie 2021
  • E35753 4201956

    @_Ludow_ I assume you mean Lua scripts, in which case there's extensive documentation about it in the wiki in the Github repository.

    26 Octombrie 2021
  • E35753 4201956

    @SuperCoolNinja If your script has multiple threads they'll show up separately in the list (at least with Scripthook as it creates a separate scrThread for each one).

    19 Iulie 2021
  • E35753 4201956

    @TG743 Ah as I suspected the WndProc hook is broken. I assume the mod runs fine (as in doesn't cause crashes) other than not being able to open the overlay? I'll see what I can do, thanks for reporting the issue!

    08 Mai 2021
  • E35753 4201956

    @CopGrinta Could you post your scriptviewerlog.txt file? Would help me investigate what the issue is (especially since I don't use RPH myself).

    07 Mai 2021
  • E35753 4201956

    @Ramtin_ace_thm You surely mean RAM right?🤔 Since there's no correlation between game scripts and video memory.

    I don't have any plans on adding support for SHVDN scripts, however adding memory usage monitoring for game scripts might be doable as a potential feature in the future.

    04 Mai 2021