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Vapid Torrence Redux [Addon/.OIV] 1.1a


"Let me get this straight, you want to look like a cop, but you don't want some dumb soccer mom SUV or a Stanier? Yeah I got just the car for you."

New favorite of cop LARPers everywhere, the Vapid Torrence is now coming to San Andreas, in three varieties. You've first got the standard Torrence, and she's a beauty indeed. Fast, reliable and surprisingly comfortable. Then you've got the STO, for when you want ricers everywhere to know you're not only more comfortable than them, but if it came down to it, you could probably beat them on the drag strip, and look better doing it. Then there's the decommissioned cop car, for wannabe cops and people who want something fast and reliable without having to break the bank. Just don't park that one in a nasty neighborhood in case you get your tires slashed by some angry vagos.

Included Vehicles:

Vapid Torrence (torrence2)
The Torrence and it's STO counterpart are something to behold. Proof that Vapid can still make good sedans after the Stanier. I mean, you didn't really want to have to buy a Fugitive or Buffalo if you wanted speed, now did you?

Vapid Torrence PPV (torrence3)
You're broke, and you discovered this awesome place called a police auction. 5K for a car that would've cost 30 when new? Bargain of the century, I know. It might even still have a spotlight on it, so you can maybe trick gullible road users into thinking you're a cop and actually driving like a normal person for once.

Two new-ish mapped cars, with all the bells and whistles one expects from a decent Lore car. Working glass w/ shards, dials, and proper material hierarchies. Not to mention, colorable interiors, and a variety of fitting component extras so you can customize your Torrence to your hearts content. No mod kits yet though, so like, maybe not to your hearts content, but come on, I made this thing in less than two weeks.

New in V1.1a:
Added rear seat spec map to texture dictionaries. If you have 1.1 and want to fix it, just drop "police_rearseat_hd" into both dictionaries.

New in V1.1:
Updated Vehicle Badges
Updated Cop Wheels
Updated Side Vents
Added various interior improvements
Improved Template

Open OpenIV, enable edit mode, and simply drag and drop the .oiv package anywhere to start the installer. The installer will overwrite previous versions of the mod.
The template for the vehicle is included within the content folder of the .oiv package.

AllenKennedy - Everything, except the front bumper and the spotlight.
actuallyтoхιc - Front bumper and the spotlight. Also being a nuisance and bugging me to add stuff I didn't want to, like the lip spoiler.
Jacobmaate - LED spotlight texture and vital assistance with figuring out audio files.
Vx5 Voltage - For creating the Original Torrence SSO mod which inspired me to develop this one.
11john11 - Help finding good civilian wheels from Watch Dogs to use.
Boywond - Converting Watch Dogs wheels.
w/ - Help figuring out how to do 3D text in Blender.
Everyone in the LoreHub discord - Invaluable advice and assistance with figuring various stuff out.

Everything in this mod is unlocked, and mod authors are welcome to, and encouraged to use anything and everything included within this mod for use in their own mods, provided it's not a rebadge or straight reupload, and both myself (AllenKennedy) and actuallyтoхιc are credited appropriately.
Any and all FiveM servers are welcome to use this mod in their servers, provided it is not exclusive to one person, or locked behind paid ranks.
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