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Daily Objectives 1.0


This is another experiment of mine, not for everyone but I think it could add a nice flavor while sandboxing, roleplaying and/or waiting for something else to happen in the state of San Andreas.


The conecpt is simple: every day you are given 3 random objectives, once completed your reward will be dropped by an airplane.

The objectives are chosen depending on whether you have also my other mods Roleplay Menu and/or Forever Together installed. They are detected automatically.

The reward is dropped randomly around the player position once the objectives are completed and it is by default a combination of money and weapons and it will stay available for picking up for 5 minutes (also default)

You can check the Objectives for the current day and their progress by calling the contact "Daily Objectives" on your phone. Some of them require you to go to specific locations, in this case, these locations are marked with a blip.

Possible Objectives at the moment:

Drive fast - Go to the theater - Play golf - Take a walk - Take a swim - Play tennis - Take a ride on the Ferris Whale - Take a ride on the Leviathan - Take a ride on a cable car - Play darts - Have a haircut or a beard - Have fun at the Strip Club - Glide with a parachute - Get into a fight with someone - Watch TV - Ride a bicycle - Fly by helicopter - Fly by airplane - Take a boat ride - Take a jetski ride - Go with a hooker - Spend time at the beach

Additional Objectives when Roleplay Menu is active:

Smoke a cigarette - Smoke a joint - Drink coffee or soda - Drink beer - Dance - Go fishing on a boat - Do yoga - Make music - Jog in place - Do Push-Ups - Do Sit-Ups

Additional Objectives when Forever Together is active:

Stay at the beach with Partner - Drive fast with Partner - Take a walk with Partner - Take a swim with Partner - Parachuting with Partner - Fly by helicopter with Partner - Fly by airplane with Partner - Take a boat ride with Partner - Take a jetski ride with Partner

Additional Objectives when both Roleplay Menu AND Forever Together are active:

Smoke with Partner - Drink beer with Partner - Dance with Partner - Fishing on a boat with Partner - Do yoga with Partner - Make music with Partner - Do fitness with Partner

Vehicle objectives like boat ride, fly by airplane ecc.. Do not require you to be the driver.
Have fun at the Strip Club requires you to go there and drink, have a private lap dance or look at pole dancing.
Spend time at the beach requires you to just stay on a beach marked with a Star Blip.

You can Enable/Disable objectives from the mod "Roleplay Menu" and/or "Forever Together" (in case you have them) in the settings file.
You can also change some other stuff related to the Reward (multiplier, type and delay) in the Patron version💎 of this mod.

Recommended Mods (optional):

- Roleplay Menu (adds more objectives, see above)
- Forever Together (adds more objectives to do with your Partner, see above)
- HungerSleep


🔻 Make sure you have the LATEST VERSIONS of them all 🔻
Script Hook V

Put the files from the downloaded archive into your "scripts" folder.

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Please do not distribute or re-upload my mods
I use only and Patreon to upload my stuff. If you find anything somewhere else it means it has been stolen and I cannot guarantee that those files are safe.

v1.0 : Release
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