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The Mob 1.5



With this mod you have the possibility to work for "The Mob", a "Mafia" style criminal organization. After visiting The Mob Hideout you will be contacted from time to time by Rickey The Enforcer and offered a Job.
At the moment there are 8 mission types with semi-random variations and 2 random events.
You can stop working for them by visiting the Hideout again.

My mods usually don't "hold your hand". There are not unnecessary blips and if you fail a job you will lose usually the half of the reward. Expect to lose missions and money eventually. If you fail too many times you can be kicked out and forced to wait some time (Default 10 minutes) before you can join The Mob again.

This mod is intended mostly for roleplaying and to be used with the "flow" of the game. You won't be able to do one mission after the other or whenever you want.

- Bag Delivery
- Execution
- Rival Gang Heist
- Drug Truck
- Underboss Business
- Just A Chat
- Protection Money
- Reinforcement

About the Mob Party event:

From time to time at 19 there will be a call from Rickey telling you a party is about to start.
You don't have to go if you don't feel to but if you attend and get noticed you will receive a bonus of 30% on the reward of the next two completed jobs.

Once at the party, to get the bonus, you can either look for the VIP and stay close to him/her or just enjoy yourself until you get the notice that you got noticed (excuse the pun).
The party lasts around 8 minutes (real time).

About the Hideout defense event:

From time to time (default randomly between 6 and 35 minutes) when not in a mission Rickey the Enforcer will alert you that the Hideout is under attack.

You can go there and help to defend it (you have 3 minutes to reach the hideout) or you can just ignore it (or even run away).
There are chances they win without your help but if they lose you also lose some money.

🔹 Watch the Trailer 🔹

🔹 Gameplay of the update 1.2 🔹

🔹 Gameplay of the update 1.3 🔹

You can tweak some variables like reward, time between jobs, time between events etc. in the Patron version of this mod.

Recommended Mods (optional):

- The Gang (similar to The Mob but with more street and gang style missions. Trailer here)
- The Club (this one's about bikers. Trailer here)
- The Agency (join a secret organization and do contracts about stealth and subterfuge. Gameplay here)
- All my mods, really, they work beautifully all together

If you want to be in charge, check out my other mod The Boss


ATTENTION! If you notice strange NPCs behavior or script errors check first if those issues also occur when you are playing with the correct requirements and only with my mods.


🔻Make sure you have the LATEST VERSIONS of them all🔻
- Script Hook V
- Last version of ScriptHookVDotNet

Put the files from the downloaded archive into your GTAV scripts folder.

For more awesome stuff take a look here:
🔥 Dealien The Alien 🔥

While for Gameplays and Demonstration of my Mods check my channel:
🔸 Dealien YT Channel 🔸

Please do not distribute or re-upload my mods
I use only and Patreon to upload my stuff. If you find anything somewhere else it means it has been stolen.

v1.0 : Release
v1.1 : Added 2 more mission types - Fixed minor bugs
v1.2 : Better color coding - Made it compatible with "The Gang" - Fixed minor bugs
v1.3: Changed Mob clothing style - Added a new mission type - Changed some graphics and fixed minor bugs
v1.3.1: Fixed some bugs that came up with the new ScriptHookVDotNet version
v1.4: Added "Reinforcement" as a new job - New option in the settings file that allows you to enable or disable each job (Patron version) - Some fixes for older jobs and small overall improvements
v1.5: Added new Hideout defense event (on the same line of the ones in The Gang and The Club) - Added a new Mob Party event - Possibility to change the frequency of both Hideout defense and Mob Party events in the settings file (Patron version) - Rounded up all rewards - Some smaller improvements and fixes
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