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Forever Together 1.1.1



You can now have a "Partner", "Companion", "Buddy", "Friend" or whatever you want to call it that act more natural and alive!
You can choose the look of your partner when in "Choosing Partner Mode" and going close to the Ped you want. If you choose a new Ped the data of the old one will be erased!
A contact will be added to your phone with the name you choose (default: Partner). You can use it anytime you want to open the menu. Alternatively if the Partner is close enough you can always HOLD D-Pad Right on controller or E on keyboard.
The Partner will try to use the same weapon type as yours and if you are close with a vehicle and Honk when he/she is in combat he/she will try to enter it.


◽️ You can rename your Partner and change his/her voice as you please
◽️ The Partner will have his/her own money earned each time the player earns something (default 50% but can be changed in the config file), and will use them buy weapons and vehicles.
◽️ Relationship system: higher is the bond higher are the chances he/she will come to you to meet and do things you ask for...
◽️ Possibility to talk and chat having positive or negative effects on the relationship level.
◽️ 3 different personalities that affect some behaviours (driving style, chatting, heavy weapons... )
◽️ Random preferred melee weapon and random weapons for each class after the partner has the money to buy them. More money = more advanced weapon.
◽️ The Partner buys vehicles according to his/her Personality after a certain amount of money is earned, The partner will use his/her own vehicle or come with you (there is an option in the menu). More money = more expensive vehicle.
CALM - pickups, SUVs, Vans, ecc...
NEUTRAL - sedans, coupes, sport, ecc...
CHAOTIC - bizzarre, service, industrial, ecc... (yes, even Rhino)
◽️ Random "Likes" and "Dislikes" (the second Like will unlock after reaching a certain level of relationship) If you have my mod "Roleplay Menu" there will be plenty of activity more (like dancing, smoking and so on...)
◽️ You can ask the Partner to change seat when in the same vehicle, to wait on a desired spot (stay put no matter what or take action in case something happens) to drive or pilot for you (cars, bikes, boats, helicopters... can even take off and pilot airplanes), attack a target of your choice...
◽️ Celebrate with the Partner if the relationship is high enough. The option is in the "Listen..." submenu. Some animations vary depending on the Partner personality.
◽️ The Partner has Perks. Each personality has a perk that will be "triggered" whenever the player has low health. This feature can be disabled in the Forever Together menu under "Settings"
CALM - heal the player
NEUTRAL - gives armor
CHAOTIC - goes into "rampage" being a killing machine for a short period of time

Relationship System:

Relationship can be increased by:
- Talking and responding to the Partner.
- Doing together things the Partner likes. You can start doing those activities (drinking beer, driving/piloting around, dancing...) or you can join him/her whenever the partner starts doing those.

Relationship can be decreased by:
- Talking to the Partner.
- Doing things the Partner dislikes.
- Leaving him/her waiting for too long.
- Asking or commanding to do something the Partner doesn't want to do. (If relationship is low there are small chances he/she will do it. Opposite when the relationship is very strong)

🔹 Gameplay Video 🔹 with most of the features explained

🔹 Gameplay Video of the Update 1.1.1 🔹


- Which button has to be HELD (not just pressed) to open the menu when the Partner is close enough.

In the Patron version you have some additional ones like Partner maximum health, cooldown after the Partner has been dismissed and Percent of what the player earns that goes into the Partner pockets.

Recommended Mods (optional):

- Roleplay Menu (highly recommended! Adds several activities as likes and dislikes)

Check out The Boss if you want that sweet feeling of being in charge! (Gameplay video here!)


ATTENTION! If you plan to use "LS Life" along with my mods there will be high chances of conflicts and errors (that's because LS Life changes a lot of Peds and other things around indiscriminately)

Requirements and How to Install:

Script Hook V

Put these files in your GTAV scripts folder:

Known Issues:
- Some voices are missing some lines, you can change the voice anyway to one more "complete".
- "Freemode" models won't save properly (due to the lack of some native functions).
- For some reasons, by default, females peds don't have the "making music" scenario enabled, means that whenever the player try to make music together with a female partner she won't start playing the guitar or the bongos. It's a small thing but can be annoying.
I have attached a text file inside the download with simple and detailed instructions how to fix that problem. The mod will work fine anyway, it is completely optional!

For more awesome stuff take a look here:
🔸 Dealien The Alien 🔸

Please do not distribute or re-upload my mods
I use only and Patreon to upload my stuff. If you find anything somwhere else it means it has been stolen.

v1.0 : Release.
v1.0.1 : Fixed small bugs and polished the AI a bit more.
v1.1.1 : Added celebrations - added perks system - improved vehicle purchasing system - adjusted Partner spawn mechanics - changed the GUI to better adapt to different screen resolutions - fixed wrong calculation when Partner earns money - driving commands like (Go To, Wander...) are disabled when the phone is active - snap on target when ordering to attack (like in "The Boss") - fixed error when asking the Partner to drive while in a 1 seat vehicle - added a warning when trying to save a freemode model.
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