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1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno 3DOOR 1600GT Apex (AE86) [ Add-On | Tuning | RHD ] 5.1.0



1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno 3DOOR 1600GT Apex (AE86) [Add-On]
Edit & Convert: FreedomGundam
Model from: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/Gran Turismo Sport/Assetto Corsa

My new updates are over there:

Thanks for mrwallace888 adding texts and realistic handling data for AE86.

In-Game Automatic Pop-up Headlight ready! Don't need script and Lua any more! But the game version need 1.0.1032.1 or above.

Wanna Watanabe RS wheel (Initial D one)? Go to download:
JDM Rims Pack

Notice: If you find out any bugs of this car, please let me know. Thank you!

Q/A: Why do you convert AE86 again?
A: Because the Forza one has HQ interior, but it doesn't have a good body shapes. This one has a wonderful body shape, but it doesn't has HQ interior.

Q/A: Why does this 1983 AE86 is left hand drive (LHD)?
A: The RHD isn't offical function, it has bugs sometimes, and this one is converted and edited from a 1983 Corolla GT-S which is American AE86.

Q/A: Why you changed this car from LHD to RHD?
A: A lot of people think this car is American version, just because it is LHD. But I said it is edited and changed from a American version AE86 (Corolla GT-S), it doesn't means it is a American verison. So, I changed it from LHD to RHD to make sure it is a Janpanese version car without any questions.

Car features:
- HQ car body and interior
- Tunable
- Breakeable glass
- Working dials
- Working steering wheel
- Hands on steeringwheel


Fixed bugs on doors.
This is the final version on this website, if you wanna download new version mod, please visit: New version mods download link, don't upload in this website anymore in the future.

Fixed sprinter doesn't exist problem.

Re-converted whole body.

Changed rearlights UV and texture.
Changed stock rim spec texture.
Used Benny's liveries now.
Changed engine sound to "futo2" (if you wanna use 4A-GE Engine sound, please change to ISSI2 and use sound mod in the pack)
Changed front indicators materials.

Changed engine sound to futo.
Fixed bugs.

Changed bodyshell's mud UV.
Added 4A-GE 20V Engine as a tuning part.
Added carbon hood as a tuning part.

Changed whole body mesh.
Changed front indicators on the bumper
Fixed speedometer panel bugs.

Fixed bugs.

Fixed taillights bugs.

Changed taillights position.
Changed taillights light up function.
Changed taillights brows.
Changed "SPRINTER" mesh.

Fixed bugs.

Added addon plates.
Added addon parts.
Fixed bugs.

Changed AC panel's color
Added texts.

Added details on front bumper.
Deleted all useless polygons of bodyshell.
Changed hood and headlights.

fixed steering wheel position.
Added a steering wheel, two seats and two cage as tuning parts.
Fixed the position of whole car.
Changed texture of radio.

Added trunk.
Added texture of AC.
Added base of front seats.
Added real texture of back window.

Changed LHD to RHD.
Changed the interior.

Changed taillights group.
Changed hood and headlights.
Fixed fenders position.
Fixed doors position.

Added "Trueno" sign on two side.
Changed the interior position.
Added 4A-GE Engine sound.

Changed Rear bumper.
Changed Front bumper material.
Changed Steering wheel.
Fixed stock wheel.

Fixed Speedometer.
Changed taillights.
Changed wheels position.
Deleted useless tuning part.

1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno 3DOOR 1600GT Apex (AE86) is ready!

You can use Simple Trainer Spawn it by name AE86gts.

Chinese Author
Good luck! Have fun!
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