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  • Heists2

    Have just spotted a bug where using the infiltration suit approach can occasionally register the player to the 4th slot in the cutscenes instead of the first. I'm currently looking in to it and trying to work out what's causing it.

    8 hours ago
  • Heists2

    @thalilmythos Yeah that's weird, I'm not really too sure to be honest. The latest update still spawns pickups the same way as previous versions and the same way as other mods do.

    I have just released a small update - focusing on improvements to the casino heist, version 2.4. This update contains:

    Added a lot of extra voice lines,
    General bug fixes and improvements,
    When selecting your approaches you can now pick between purchasing boiler suits or sourcing infiltration suits from the military base. The infiltration suit is a stealth suit from online with night vision goggles. This option is only used for explosive or emp approaches.

    9 hours ago
  • Heists2

    @delta24_dom Make sure you have scripthook, scripthookV .net and nativeui installed and all up to date. You’ll also need a legit copy of the game with all updates installed. Then copy over AIOMenu.dll, naudio.dll and the AIOMenu folder to your games scripts folder. Then press sprint + left while playing to open the menu - normally shift + left arrow key on keyboard or A + dpad left on controller.

    @KubsonDoMaka If you hold sprint + left - normally shift + left arrow key on keyboard or A + dpad left on controller then that should open it.

    @xgbrindlex There should be a yellow boiler suit blip on your map, you’ll have to go to that ammu nation to buy the boiler suit and they are on the wall on the right as you walk in. The script will normally show the route for you on your mini map but I know GTA can sometimes get a bet weird and will fail to do it properly.

    18 hours ago
  • Heists2

    @drue Only thing I can think is that it’s failing to load the audio and causing it to crash, this normally happens if the game isn’t up to date. Is your game fully updated?

    @ManWhoLaughs Yeah the next update will feature the full Humane Labs heist with setups, cutscenes, audio and stuff. The aircraft carrier heist is part of the setup when you steal the EMP. It will also be included as a standalone heist as well.

    23 hours ago
  • Heists2

    @gorgonut I’m not really too sure on why it would cause his mod to crash, I’m still clearing things up and the latest update is an early release though so once it’s rewritten and finished I’ll see if it still causes problems.

    @drue Do you have the latest game updates installed? When destroying the security tape it will play audio included in one of the latest game updates, does it manage to do that or does it just quit?

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  • Heists2

    Have just uploaded a video showing off the EMP and hacking approach to the casino heist

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  • Heists2

    @thalilmythos Yeah it sounds like it might be conflicting with another mod or something. I have just tested it out again in that order and it still seems to work fine for me. I will double check the spawns for lester's briefcase missions as well and see if I can find any problems.

    @truongthohl If you open up the menu using shift + left arrow key (a + dpad left on controller) then scroll down to jobs & heists at the bottom then you can access them from there.

    @drue At which stage did it throw an error, when arriving at the drop off or exiting the casino? Sounds like it's failing to load cutscenes. Do you have any mods that change the character or anything?

    @DevTheFreeMan If you have an old version of this mod installed then remove the old gestures.dll from your scripts folder. If you don't then just copy the contents (AIOMenu.dll, Naudio.dll and the AIOMenu folder) to your games scripts folder.

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  • Heists2

    @thalilmythos Hmm, I've just tested the Stockade heist 3 times on mine and each time it seemed to work okay for me, not sure why it's not letting you pick it up. The script just spawns the case and GTA actually manages the picking up part. Does the case spawn okay?

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  • Heists2

    Just had to release a quick fix for the latest update, spotted a bug where if you flew to the rooftop of the casino it would sometimes disable the finale music. Have just released version 2.3.1 that should fix that.

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  • Heists2

    I have just released an update, version 2.3. This is an early release of a big update I'm working on.

    When updating, please remove the old Gestures.dll and copy over AIOMenu.dll, naudio.dll and the AIOMenu folder to your scripts folder.

    I will list the changes below:
    Removed some of the jobs and heists
    Removed air support option
    Added thermal vision option
    Re-written series a coke - (yacht heist)
    Added series a meth
    Added series a bikers
    Added series a funding
    Added Gerald's last play
    Added the Diamond Casino Heist - also uses animations, voice overs and cutscenes from online
    Added cutscenes, audio, text messages, started adding voice overs - currently only in the casino heist but will come to all of them

    The casino heist:
    With this heist you can take multiple approaches, your goal is to gain access to the vault, loot it, getaway and deliver it to the buyer.
    There will be gold and cash stored in the vault, there's also a chance of extra loot spawning in 2 other locations as well - these are optional and are not marked on your map - you'll have to search for them.

    When you select the heist from the menu you'll be able to choose your main approach:
    EMP - steal an EMP device, plant it at the substation - you can use this to knock out the casino's power at any time from the menu - the guards will find it more difficult to spot you - great for stealth
    GRUPPE - steal a gruppe sechs van and disguise - you will gain access to the vault and the guards will let you in - quick setups
    EXPLOSIVES - steal some explosives and plant it on the wall of the basement - quick access to the vault but guards will be alerted
    MAIN ENTRANCE - steal some unmarked weapons from a NOOSE van and go in all guns blazing with a crew

    You also have your vault entry approach:
    THERMAL - steal some thermal charges and burn through the lock to the vault
    DRILL - steal a drill and drill through the lock to the vault
    HACK - go to the facility, search for the terminal and plant a virus on it - this will open the vault for you

    You will also need to source multiple keycards, a getaway vehicle and some boiler suits.

    Using the EMP approach, you can access the casino from the rooftop or the side entrance, if you go in through the rooftop - you will need to rappel down the elevator shaft down to the office level.

    Watch out for security cameras and guards, if they spot you they will sound the alarm. You can shoot out the CCTV cameras to disable them.

    Please remember that this is an early release! Some stuff has been removed, some stuff is still being worked on/remade and will be added in updates soon.

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