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  • Lamar

    @Dimitri_Rascalov A hybrid which will be a mix of Drug wars from TBOGT and gang wars ofTLAD are going to be my next mod, Lamar and a couple homies will join Franklin in that, I not only want to make mods, I want them to be Lore friendly, which is why I used gerald for these drugs delivery missions, it just makes sense.

    18 hours ago
  • Lamar

    @Dimitri_Rascalov I don't think I'm using the interiors from Online however, I want to keep it singleplayer, My focus will be in the leveling from dealer to distributor, with missions involving the change of roles, like first earning corners, and selling to pedestrians, then buying in kilograms to sell to dealers, and then buying in tons, to move in trucks and do big deals that can go good or can go wrong, not interested in PRODUCING the drugs (which would involve the lab and all that online stuff, which is already done by others), but more in the side of business of it, buying and selling at every level (which hasn't been done yet).

    Basically Instead of LS Life, I want to become ZEE.

    21 hours ago
  • Lamar

    @Starfox1993 Thanks, I put a lot of effort into it.

    @RatherInsane Yeah, sorry about that, I should drop that one into the "gang hits interiors" folder inside Javelin, I don't remember the name of that mission, but anyway, if you check out inside the javelin folder there's another one called "thalilmythoshits" and within that one another that's called "gang hits in the city" Look for the one that has the name of the street in which that hit is, I can't make a new release right now.

    You can also install Open interiors or EnableAllinteriors, whichever you prefer, and that autoshop will open, open interiors is in the requirements for a reason.

    @mrwhite27 I just did, thanks for letting me know, I forgot about it

    21 hours ago
  • Lamar

    @V3ry_H1GH Not for now, I don't know if you ever played GTA IV, but this is a literal recreation from a mission there, so You're practically playing something that was rockstar's Idea

    I'm making a few mods first, but I might ease into a business mod and a drug dealing mod in the future that involves climbing the ranks from dealer, to supplier, to distributor, I might just even open that patreon I was thinking about.

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  • Lamar

    @jacob21023 You're the only one, so it's you, and your game.

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  • Lamar

    @Leand Sorry if I came out harsh, you need to look for them my man, If you ever played San Andreas, they didn't appear only in one specific place, there are 2 however, where that peds always spawns, in front of Michael's garage you can buy, and in the street where Franklin's vinewood race is, there's an alleyway by it that is full of crackheads, in both entrances of those alleyways, there's a dealer, in each, that's the alleyway of the picture and the video where I showcase the mod.

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  • Lamar

    @NoName0810 My man, I'm literally everyday answering questions, You need an asi loader, scripthook, and scripthookdot net, I can't be sitting here explaining to you how to set up your game for modding, if you took 5 minutes to watch a youtube tutorial, you would know, scripts go in the script folder that is created when you start using scripthook.

    There, now you know, you need to learn more? go watch a fucking tutorial now.

    @starfox1993 I see you caught that, thanks, hope you're enjoying the mod

    @Think_Tank Yeah, gta V melee sucks ass, but I've grown to love the baseball bat, and the axes, specially with this mod, people be dropping left and right with a few bat swings.

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  • Lamar

    @Leand Shit is literally in the second paragraph of the description, can't believe you people some times man....

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  • Lamar

    @HKH191 Okay my man! I came back with some help, I said I would mod test, and I will, you won't have to do that part yourself, but please hear me out on the glitches, trust me I know my way around this stuff, these are not problems on my end

    -During a delivery mission I had to deliver the mule to a construction site on little seoul, the objective was under the construction
    and the Mule's roof had to be damaged in order for it to fit under it.
    -After delivering BOTH mules of the delivery mission, they dissappear INSTANTLY, as soon as the succesfull delivery mission appears
    Meaning, you are deleting them without fading to black, you actually do fade to black in the setup mission with the pounder,
    you can mod test it, it will happen, this is not a figment of my imagination, you can literally copy paste the code from the setup mission to
    the ending of the mule deliveries and fix it.
    -Dying now fails the delivery mission, but you don't lose the product, so there's that too
    -I went to do a stealing supplies mission and I saw: a balla, a lost member, a vago, a ballas woman, a vagos woman,
    all together shooting at me, same issue of all gangs working together I told you before my man, it's worth noting that
    the vehicle I was stealing during this mission, was a Gburrito, so, there should only be losts if I'm stealing a gang van shouldn't there?
    sort the gang models by the vehicle being stolen and you'll be good, Well you know, you're a seasoned scripter my dude!
    -I was able to deliver the stolen supplies while having a wanted level, I should have to lose the wanted level.
    -I'm pretty sure I can also deliver the delivery pounder/mules/dunes while wanted too, you should have to lose your wanted level

    Those are the errors so far, I'll keep mod testing in further updates, I can tell you need help with it so I just won't be coming here criticizing, I'll keep helping.

    If I had to suggest something, would be to not have to deliver 2 mules 2 dunes, 2 of anything, I mean we're on single player, even if you're adapting the online code
    that small change would be great.

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  • Lamar

    @HKH191 I mean when you reach the objective, and the delivery mission is complete

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