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    Nice! I was working on basically this exact mod last year but ended up abandoning it, nice to see that someone had the same idea and implemented it very well.

    in urma cu 2 zile
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    While the mod itself is quite redundant and bad by the standards of most people, it's your first mod. Given that, it is definitely worth 5 stars, certainly better than my first script. Can't wait to see what you might come up with once you get better with making scripts

    02 Ianuarie 2020
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    @bitichong Jesus Christ, my original comment was almost two years old and you expect a response? Well, you were right to expect that.

    There is no specific value I can tell you because it depends on a lot of things. However, tools such as Codewalker have a feature built into the ymap editor to do it automatically. If my memory serves me right, in the project window on Codewalker, if you select a ymap the button will be right there

    01 Ianuarie 2020
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    So based on the source code, this basically gives passengers guns and makes them shoot whatever you shoot at?

    12 August 2019
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    @Old Car I know I'm VERY late but that's the websites bot.. if a mod author has more than 3 mods their mods don't need to be accepted by moderators, the bot does it automatically.

    01 August 2019
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    This gives me a sudden urge to one up you, ngl.

    25 Iulie 2019
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    @jeremie dreux No.. lol it's not an interior. An interior is an MLO. As ReNNie said, your tags were wrong.

    20 Iulie 2019
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    Oh yeah also I forgot to mention, you might've also made an error in your items json. I noticed you mentioned you've been adding items. I see this in the error Path 'lootItems[7]', line 46, position 4. which might be referring to line 46 of the json. It might not though, might be referring to the code. But still, run the json through a json verification program

    03 Iulie 2019
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    @xgonagitya Looks like there's an issue with the json library, reinstall the json files from a fresh download of the mod. You also might need to reinstall Newtonsoft.Json's dll file which is included with the mod. I also see a NativeUI error, it might be unrelated but also reinstall that from the official download ( if none of that works, tell me and show me the log again because it might be different. Also if you have Discord you should add me (Starman#5874) so I can help you in real time

    03 Iulie 2019
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    @jbbravo2007 Have you messed with anything crucial with the time? The mod saves logs of all transactions and it has a date on it. Completely forgot to remove that log, I'll do that after the casino update is out so I can fix any other issues that arise with it

    30 Iunie 2019