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    I also find the cargo ship a problem. On mission in port cargo ship does not appear with sunken cargo ship "False" set. When set to true it appears, but sunken and can't take needed photo's for mission

    31 Mai 2021
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    @wettergren No don't have x64a archive and have since removed EAI mod been able to go back into Simeon's and do the mission no probs, so its the mod

    30 Martie 2021
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    @ilL LyX yeah I tried to do a mission at Simeon's but just kept falling through the floor. Might be something to do with rockstars recent update

    29 Martie 2021
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    Hey guys love the trainer, have been following the updates and just updated to latest scripthook v and and only since noticed when using fuel option that when go to fuel up with any vehicle it prompts the first time to press E to fuel, but when I press it does nothing then doesnt prompt again for that vehicle and doesn't fuel up, might be something to do with RS new update

    14 Februarie 2021
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    @HKH191 Hey man, I'm also having trouble with your mod and trying to get the Kosotka Sub to load. First up I have Enable all Interiors installed latest scripthook v, scripthookdotnet & native ui installed, have sub files in scripts folder EAI files in root folder and can go purchase a sub, but when its supposed to spawn it shows up on map but not physically in the ocean and error message shows up, circle you stand on and menu is flashing. One thing I noticed when downloading latest EAI version checking file details the version says instead of 4.1.5. Don't know if this is a misprint or the link is for wrong version, thanks in advance.

    05 Ianuarie 2021
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    have fixed now by using a trainer to load online maps, now yacht spawns fine

    08 Aprilie 2020
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    I installed the mod correctly and have the same problem, I buy a yacht, it shows blip on map, but no yacht at location. Haven't seen any errors so far.

    31 Martie 2020
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    A great trainer, have used it for a while, but now since Rockstars update the dlc vehicles including saved ones seem to disappear everytime spawned. And looks like this trainer might be Discontinued. And I wouldn't blame the guy for not wanting to update the trainer as so many people nag and moan about updating it that who would want to respond to that!

    03 Noiembrie 2018