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    Update or verify your game as that sounds like it's related to the Tuner's Donk/Slam natives they added.

    Does it do this without ENT loaded? To my knowledge the weapon cheat shouldn't bug out the AI like that.

    in urma cu 3 zile
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    If I remember right the ped variant is either a component or a model which you can toggle. There's a few models (like the strippers) which behave like this.

    Can't reproduce that on my end. Can you run JUST ENT and see if it keeps happening? Sounds like a mod conflict between mods.

    We use the labels which load for me and Alex. Do you have the DLC installed? As it's appended to the game's english translation file.

    We may have to update the weapon restoring code as R* does that to prevent you crashing the game.

    22 Septembrie 2022
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    %appdata%\GTAV Enhanced Native Trainer\ent.db.

    Did you enable "Freeze wanted level at"?

    That's a game limitation.

    12 Septembrie 2022
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    Are you co-loading with other mods? That's a game engine crash, not a scripthook related one.

    04 Septembrie 2022
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    That's R*'s doing not ours. Similar to the despawning cars - they don't want MK2 weapons in SP (I guess for "continuity reasons" given Online is modern day and SP is 2013?).

    04 Septembrie 2022
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    That usually happens because GTA is swapping the entire map out in the background with the one for Online.

    Can you try _just_ loading ENT to see if it's a mod conflict?

    04 Septembrie 2022
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    Do you have the DLC installed? The radio stations are their own .rpf files which are part of the DLC updates. Without the DLC, you won't have the required radio files for it to appear.

    @mastajappa @DeathDiamond720
    You may need to verify your game files in that case. It could be you're missing some DLC files etc which is causing it to crash.

    Are you co-loading with any other mods?

    26 August 2022
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    Could be the issue. We use the exact same native (and only that) the scripts use to load you into Online to swap out the map assets.

    Should be under World (Enable MP map).

    22 August 2022
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    Is your game updated and do you use mods which modify the map? To use the online interiors - you NEED to load the MP map (otherwise the assets don't load).

    Oh it's not standalone - it's part of ENT. It would take far too much time for us to carve it out of ENT and into its own mod.

    No the folder wasn't locked and no we won't fix it because there's nothing to fix.

    Try and be more civil next time. This is a free mod we update in our free time so we don't appreciate being told the project is shit and to "fix it". If you've got an issue with the mod - just move on and don't waste our time with your hostility.

    22 August 2022
  • Df5e9e censored avatar

    Prison Break is there either under World or Misc. Regarding the time scale - we're doing it the same way as other mods do so it could be a conflict going on.

    ENT couldn't do it, no. That's more a model/engine/texture thing.

    17 August 2022