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    @Razed I've always wondered if there is a fundamental difference between Extrasunny and Neutral weathers. Both are sunny, cloudless days from what i remember. Is neutral more like a dumbed down, dull extrasunny?

    03 Aprilie 2018
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    @Alex106 Your mod is great! However, you could try to not overuse those giantic sequoias/pine trees in the countryiside, compared to the original vegetation next to them because then they look really weird and out of place. Simply using default trees corresponding to each area would give the landscape a much organic, natural look.

    02 Aprilie 2018
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    @Razed I contacted Candyland channel both youtube and messenger in case they make a comparison video between NVR Vs Vanilla.

    If they decide to ,you really must to be sure they won't mess up the graphiics like they always do or recording uninspired, generic scenes which don't show the true potential of the mod, besides, i think they've been using SweetFX vibrance settings because NVR looks really flashy in the current comparison: (I also asked them to stop using any additional effects like this) or when NV 2.0 was out, they altered curves and the Reshade preset, making it look awful.

    The only possible way to make NVR win is to place original graphics in the worst position possible.
    Like i said in my yt comment, mopping the floor with Vanilla. I think a creative way to alter the psychology of all those haters would be with happy, mighty music when NVR is showcased and a sad, depressing mood when Vanilla gets on screen.

    I don't know if they'll consider my suggestions at all, but it would be very sad if they released a video featuring this release with all those cancerous trolls in the comment section bashing it until death, claiming how "great" Vanila looks (when it's not true, a vile lie)

    Probably if you directly contact them, they will take it seriously and might reconsider the way they proceed with the recording of these videos. What do you think?

    02 Aprilie 2018
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    @Razed If for future videos he keeps making that mistake then he'll just need to specify the use of a Reshade overlapped with NVR supposdely being a comparison between ReduxX and this*. Considering how that mod was "created" and the constant updates in the website, i doubt they wouldn't steal things from this and other mods little by little, so it won't be so obvious.

    02 Aprilie 2018
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    @Razed You really have to stop those assholes! They shamelessly just took away your hard work and trashed it applying some ugly dark filter, then renamed it to REDUX 1.4!! Arrghhh!

    They look exactly the same!

    It's unbelievable that after all this time since that thief disappeared his minions are still continuing his legacy of thievery. Unless i'm blind i can't stop any difference in the weather colors except for the coronas and the godawful filter. It's clearly they stole EVERYTHING from this update (nothing to be surprised at, anyways)

    02 Aprilie 2018
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    @Razed Have you considered to upload NVR on other gta modding sites? ej: GTAInside, GTA Garage, GTAGaming, etc

    13 August 2017
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    @Razed Yes, ReduX + MVGA looks awful in the nightfall transition, like you said, it seems to be an atomic apocalypse or either a chemical attack at the sky, bruh....

    12 August 2017
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    @Razed Yeas! Let's laugh out loud at those fuckers while they are just groaning and criticizing Candyland's comparison because their beloved Vanilla is not longer realistic.

    11 August 2017
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    @Razed @all This is happening again! As usual, it seems like most of Candyland subs are angry console players who cannot install graphic mods or people paid by Rockstar to defend Vanilla graphics until death, or just retards. Vanilla is not better than NVR, however, they are completely blind to appreciate your work and leaving extremely negative feedback is the only way they know. I already suggested Candyland to disable comments on his GTA 5 videos featuring graphic mods. Hopefully, that would completely stop all the hatred coming from his audience.

    05 August 2017
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    @Razed @Razed With "cheap" sunsets you refer to the utterly ugly colors and trasitions in stock weathers?
    And concerning about the other thing, even if you didn´t take inspiration from GTA SA, NVR strongly reminds me from it . Maybe *you and Rockstar achieved very similar values because both succeeded on depicting real califronia's colors, since that is how it looks in real life, regardless how you made it or the time gap between the development of the two games(2004-2015) because in this case, it seems they failed in GTA V at the graphical aspect, also... (messing up weathers, adding a filter fog everywhere, etc, the successor of GTA IV piss filter, doesn't it?)

    02 August 2017