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GTA V Speech Recognition Trainer [.NET] BETA 0.1


This .net mod adds a basic trainer controllable by voice.
Yes I know there is A LOT of GTAV trainers but I thought it was cool to use speech recognition to spawn vehicle, reload, jump.. etc
The trainer is in a BETA release. If your native language is not English (like me duh.) You may find it a bit hard, if you pronounce in a wrong way, the trainer will not understand, hence do nothing or execute a different commands...
But once you're used to it it's fun.
If the community was interested, I'll add more features of course so it can be a fully working trainer later.
Read the Usage section to understand how to work with this mod.

PS: I am using Microsoft's Speech Recognition. I did not write any libraries or whatsoever so if your PC don't understand you blame your pronunciation at first and then Microsoft.

-Microsoft speech package.
-English language package.
-A microphone (obviously..).
-Your vocal cords.

Place speech_trainer.dll in your /scripts/ folder.

Trainer is kinda divided into two section:
1- Cheating and/or AI Tasks.
2- Spawning Vehicles.

Section 1
When you say each of the word something will happen:
god --> god mode on/off.
invisible --> player invisible on/off.
enter --> enter any vehicle.
leave --> leave any vehicle.
lights --> vehicle lights on/off.
wanted --> add three stars OR remove all stars
jump --> jump/climb
reload --> reload guns.
fix --> fix player and vehicle(if in vehicle).
rainy --> set weather rainy.
clear --> set weather clear.
sunny --> set weather sunny.
thunder --> set weather thunder.
christmas --> set weather christmas.

Section 2
To spawn car you should say:

1- One word car's name:
" spawn " + " car name "
e.g: spawn zentorno will spawn the zentorno.

2- Multiple words car's name:
" spaw " + " word " + "word" .. word[n].
e.g: "spawn police 2" and "spawn police 3" are not the same car
e.g2: " spawn J B 7 O O" will spawn the "jb700"
PS:Every ZERO character in car's name should be read as the O letter, not ZERO

Check the video if you want for better understanding (sorry for bad audio, but my PC is dying obviously)

If you make any video please at least give me credit and put the original link of the mod @

Source code is hosted at github:
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