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Mors Mutual Insurance - Single Player (MMI-SP) 1.2.0a



Mod description:
Tired of losing your 500k$ fully modded vehicle because you went on a mission and it disappeared? Or because you wanted to see if it was waterproof and (unfortunately) it wasn’t?
Don’t wait any longer and insure your vehicle now at Mors Mutual insurance!


  • Install all prerequisites.
  • Create a folder named scripts in your GTA V main directory (the one that contains GTAV.exe).
  • Copy MMI-SP.dll and the MMI folder to your scripts directory.
  • Done!

This mod allows you to:
  • Insure a vehicle
  • Recover the vehicle if it has been destroyed
  • "Report the vehicle as stolen" (it spawns your vehicle without it needed to be dead. The price is higher but it is very useful when your vehicle simply disappears)
  • Cancel a contract (removes the insurance from the vehicle)
  • Bring a recovered vehicle to you (you can choose in the config file if you want it to spawn or if you want a driver to drive it to you)

  • To bring a plane to you, you need to be in front of a long empty road (airfields are nice).
    The plane will always come from your back and will try to land ahead.
  • If you want the cost to be cheaper, you can edit the cost multipliers in the mod settings (call the phone contact "MMI-SP Settings")

The mod support translations. Download a translation file and follow the readme file.

To make a new translation, you can use the file default.xml which is the english file.
Make a copy of this file and translate it (be careful, the texts may contains variables noted $NameOfTheVariable, don't change their name!).

How does it works:
There is a MMI office on the map (a red M marker), that's where you'll need to go to insure your car, report it stolen or cancel a contract and I've added a phone contact that allow you to recover your vehicle.

Config file:
You can now edit the config from the game using your phone. Call the contact "MMI-SP Settings".

When updating, you must only look after a single file: db.xml (in scripts\MMI directory).
It is the file that contains all your insured vehicles.
I don't include this file in my updates in order to let you simply overwrite everything.

If you have any issues, please check if the following parts are installed:

1.2.0 (24/02/2018):
  • You can edit the config file in game using a phone contact! Settings will take effect immediately unless specified otherwise.
  • License plate number can now be changed! Go to the office or use you phone if you've enabled this choice.
  • Larger choice of insurable vehicles. Barely everything besides trains and main character's vehicles.
  • Insured vehicles are now persistent by default. They won't despawn until they dies. This setting can be changed.
  • You can now select available choices in your phone menu (insure a car, report as stolen, etc.). Edit the mods settings to enable a choice.
  • The menus are a bit more friendly (some choices will disappear when needed instead of being grayed out).
  • Insured icon is now only displayed on vehicles that can be insured.
  • Added code related to bring helicopters and planes to you since these vehicles are now insurable.
  • Log file (MMI-SP.log) is reset at launch.
  • Readjusted prices. Remember you can tweak the price using the mod settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the mod could crash if another mod spawns vehicles with badly formated color for tire or neon.
  • Fixed an issue where you could ask MMI to bring you another character's vehicle under some circumstances.
  • Updated Readme PDF

1.1.4a (13/02/2018):
  • Ability to disable updates check and notifications when a prerequisite is missing or outdated
  • Better Visual C++ version detection

1.1.4 (12/02/2018):
  • The driver now stops and leaves the car when he is close to the player instead of only when he has reached his destination
  • The mod checks if all prerequisites are installed and tells you if anything is missing or outdated
  • Clearer error messages when missing prerequisites and less crash
  • Now using SHVDN-Extender

1.1.3a (10/02/2018):
  • Stop removing all blips from the vehicle you enter

1.1.3 (10/02/2018):
  • Added a "safe mode" when entering the office. If there is a problem with your game at this moment, the office won't be displayed but the menu will appear and the mod will still work
  • MMI phone contact's volume is adjustable via config file

1.1.2a (31/01/2018):
  • MMI can now bring you your insured vehicle if it exists on the map (you will need to set PersistentInsuredVehicles to true in the config file if you want to be able to let your vehicle somewhere and later ask MMI to bring it to you)
  • Persistent vehicles are now able to despawn when destroyed

1.1.2 (30/01/2018):
  • Fixed a bug where convertible vehicles couldn't be spawn
  • Fixed Tornado roof not being saved properly
  • Now the phone will close shortly after the MMI menu appears (NativeUI & the phone uses the same controls. It made you browse the phone while you were browsing the menu)
  • The driver will be a bit nicer with your car.
  • Updated iFruitAddon2

1.1.1 (28/01/2018):
  • Fixed a crash when some mod's files were missing
  • Fixed an issue when you wanted MMI to bring you many vehicles at the same time
  • Added a timeout if the driver gets lost, the vehicle will return to the depot and you will be refund
  • Use new iFruitAddon2
  • Detailed config file
  • Fixed update checker

1.1.0 (27/01/2018):
  • Licence Plate Randomizer not needed anymore
  • You can now ask MMI to bring your freshly recovered vehicle to you!
  • Added Update detection (from an online Github file)
  • Menu are updated when they needs to. No longer need to close and open menu again under certain circumstances
  • Fixed some missing texts

1.0.1 (26/01/2018):
  • Fixed an issue with the vehicle recovery description in the menus.
  • Force persistence of office NPC and Props.

1.0.0 (26/01/2018):
  • Initial release

See the topic on GTA Forums for more informations!
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