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Lamar's Custom Classics Business mod 3.5.1 (Major Overhaul Part C, Stock Increase Major Bugfix from 3.5)



For anyone installing this mod, please know that the 5mods version is out of date!, I have decided to fully Redesign my Business mods, for the moment they are only available on my discord, link :, you can get the latest version in the #business-redesign-file tab in my discord, install video can also be found here : it is also highly recommended that you have EAI installed :

this mod adds a new business into the singleplayer campaign, based on content from the GTAO lowriders, and stunt race update, and things from other games


Speed Trap
Drive through a waypoint and try to beet the set speed

Lowrider recovery
Recover a lowrider of the streets of LS

deliver a bunch of vehicle to a location, but damaging the cab, or trailer, degrades the payout

Take on a overly powerful racer, their cars are upgraded to the limit, but dont be fooled by the car they drive, their cars engine power has been increased dramatically, it will take everything you have got to beet some of these guys

Time trial
Get to the finish line before the time runs out

Compete in a race with 3 other races

Download :
NativeUI : Goes in scripts

Scripthookv : Goes in gtav root

Scripthookvdotnet : Goes in gtav root

Drag and drop both the dll and the folder of the same name for this mod, (and any other inis OUTSIDE the business folder , it into scripts

CHOOSE ONE of disablebusiness.ini's from the disabled business.ini's folder
and drag an drop it into scripts

DOWNLOAD a trainer, i recoomend ENT or SimpletrainerV :
I dont recommend menyoo or default trainer that comes with Scripthookv

using you trainer
either ENT or SimpleTrainerV, enable Mp maps
ENT : World > Load Online Maps

SimpleTrainerV : Teleports > Other Teleports > Second Page > Enable MP Maps

3.5 (Major Overhaul Part C, Stock Rework)
Reworked Stock to increase after a couple of ingame days (can be set via Main,ini), instead of using waittime
Added a menu to purchase vehicles from in warehouse

3.3 (Major Overhaul Part B)
Re-Wrote Warehouse to support 35 cars
added Special Circuit races
major bug fixes
add Ability to change warehouse postion

3.2 Major Overhaul
fixed crash when loading cars in warehouse
added Speed Zone races
fixed Akula in Facility being on an odd angle
added Cinematic camera on facility Exit

reword stock and purchase levels to be more fair
added Option to Disable Warehouse, tuneshop and main Business
added Controller Support
added Ability to save Arena War Cars/modifications

initial release
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Primul incarcat: 12 Iulie 2018
Ultimul incarcat: 08 Septembrie 2019
Last Downloaded: 5 hours ago

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 3.5.1 (Major Overhaul Part C, Stock Increase Major Bugfix from 3.5) (current)

12.624 downloads , 130 KB
08 Septembrie 2019

 3.5 (Major Overhaul Part C, Stock Rework)

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08 Septembrie 2019


1.448 downloads , 112 KB
11 August 2019

 3.3 (Major Overhaul Part B)

1.823 downloads , 114 KB
01 Iulie 2019


1.905 downloads , 82 KB
05 Mai 2019

 3.2 (Major Overhaul)

334 downloads , 79 KB
02 Mai 2019

 3.1 (Stock and Business Overhaul part 1)

2.432 downloads , 67 KB
01 Martie 2019

 3.0 (Disable Business Option Update)

847 downloads , 68 KB
17 Februarie 2019

 1.6 (Controller Support)

1.996 downloads , 64 KB
09 Ianuarie 2019


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24 Noiembrie 2018


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13 August 2018


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