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Blinker [ASI] 5.3



Hi, my first mod is a simple customizable indicator mod.
Check out the video i made...

Now as asi - mod !!!

it comes with 5 modes:
- auto: blinker is triggered by steering
- manual auto-off: trigger manually, have blinker turned off with same logic as in auto-mode
- manual: trigger manually, trigger again to turn off
- navi: indicate route when waypoint is set
- off

default controlls:
- press "B" to toggle modes (R3+LB on controller)
- press "Z" to toggle hazard lights (A+LB on controller)
- press "Q" to trigger blinker left (LB on controller)
- press "E" to trigger blinker right (RB on controller)

extra controls for auto-mode:
- Control + left arrow --> decrease binkerStartDelay by value set in startDelaySteps
- Control + right arrow --> increase binkerStartDelay by value set in startDelaySteps
- Shift + left arrow --> decrease speedFactor by value set in speedSteps
- Shift + right arrow --> increase speedFactor by value set in speedSteps

manual trigger will be available in all modes excpet "off".
-in auto mode it will be overwritten by steering and switched off automatically
-in manual auto-off mode it can only be triggered by the assigned key or button but is switched off automatically
-in manual mode it can only be triggered by the assigned key or button and only be switched off by triggering it again.
-in navi mode it can be triggered by the assigned key or button but is switched off automatically

auto mode overview:
binkerStartDelay basically sets how fast the indicator light is triggered when steering in one direction.
speedFactor adjust the trigger sensitivity on higher speeds (lower value = more sensitive)
depending on the handling of your vehicle those are the two values you want to play with...
with v3 those 2 values are stored individually per vehicle model. just set the perfect setting for your vehicle using the in game controlls
and once you enter the same vehicle model those settings are applied automatically...

the script will react to your actual speed (except manual & navi mode)...
meaning, the faster you go, the faster the indicator will turn on and off
so at a speed of 30 km/h will have the indicator on for around 4 secs,
at a speed of 200 km/h it will only flash once but trigger faster.

all values and key codes are customizable in the .ini file.

credits: to basically anyone published a lua mod i could learn from :)
aimless and Claude_Lib for the navi idea in Automatic turnlights

requreiments: script hook V

recommended mods: AIBlink
this mod also includes files to make the blinker light much brighter.

installation: just extract the scripts folder to your gta5 folder

dont use this mod online - i wont be resposible if you get banned !



- added option to disable keys in ini
- show vehicle model name in notifications

- added hazard light key
- hazard light now works with blinker off
- updated to latest natives
- no more virtual keycodes needed in ini file
(credits to @elsewhat - took it from the scene director code on github... cheers)

- fixed blockiing / unblocking of gamecontrols
- fixed 2 keys / buttons not working properly
- added gameControlsDelay to ini (set how long game controls are delayed)
- disabled blinker on bicycles
- changed some of the controller codes in ini - use the new ones !

- completely rewritten in C++
- added navi mode
- game actions for default keys are delayed, so toggling blinker
  wont open radio wheel or start aiming immediately
- added longpress modekey for hazard lights
- added blinker.ini for custom keys, buttons and settings
- moved vehicle blinker data to (will be created automatically)

- added manual blinker (by request)
- reorganized blinker modes
- hazard lights have their own toggle key/button now
- hazard light need to be switched off before blinker can be used again

- binkerStartDelay and speedFactor can now be adjusted in game for each vehicle model (hash) individually
- once you get back into a vehicle model you already adjusted those 2 values in game (see defalt controls),
   they will load automatically
- fixed annoying notification mess when adjusting binkerStartDelay and speedFactor in game
- moved blinker.ini location to GTAROOT/scripts/addins folder (same as blinker.lua)
- added option to turn off in game notifications in blinker.lua. set local extraInfo = false (line 57) to disable
- slowly heading towards final version, as other features i can think of probably arent possible using LUA ;)

- binkerStartDelay and speedFactor can now be adjusted in game
- values are stored in blinker.ini in your GTA5 root directory and applied when you start the game
- if blinker.ini doesnt exist, default values from lua-file are used
- improvements for speeds > 200 km/h
- reload key disabled by setting reloadKey = none

- added default keys to readme
- changed speedFactor to 2.71 for better feeling in faster cars

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