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Realistic Blood and Decals [Remastered] [HD] [+OIV] 2.5



This mod is a remix of several textures,

All textures have a variety.

Depending on the distance, from the place of the body, the wounds are different.

Bloods soak modified
Bloods texture modified etc..
Bloods Pool Modified

Everything is made to be more realistic.

Require OpenIV to install this mod.

= Update 2.0 = NEW

- New mud texture added for more realism [optionnal]
-decal.dat updated for the vehicule mud.
- OIV install for mud texture added.

= Update 2.1 = WolfSuriv & Bravercoolio

- Improvements in Gore mixed on my mod
- Blood pool textures improvement
- Blood soak improvement
- Blood splatter improvement

Textures :

- Blood splatter textures increased
- Blood pool textures increased
- Bood textures quality are better

Fixed problem :

- Blood mud in car are fixed

= Update 2.2 deleted because bugged =

- Blood soak fix
- the size of the mod are reduced
- Vanilla file added for people experiencing problems. Install the vanilla then install my mod
- number of files reduced
- 100% compatible with all versions

= Update 2.3 =

- Textures bugs fixed
- Better textures for tires marks
- Blood textures improvement

= Update 2.4 =

- Blood splatter when you fight with your hands have been removed.
- Size of Spatter have been adjusted.
- New Splatter textures added.
- Textures of impact with melee weapon (knife, hatchet, others) are reworked.

= Update 2.5 REMASTERED =

I decided to change all the settings and mix them with some vanilla textures to make it a realistic mod. Each one has been reworked.

- Now, when you fight, your opponent will wear realistic shots on his face (example in the pictures)

- Every textures of blows carried by the weapons are more realistic

- The distance of the splash of blood has been increased.

- The bullets wounds have been reworked, they are more realistic and bloodier.

- When a bullet crosses a ped, the damage will be bigger at the exit of the bullet.

- The blood is distributed more quickly and realistically on the clothes.

- Shotgun bullets are now devastating (see photos)

- Each type of weapon will have different damage.

- Splash textures have been reworked.

- The blood on the peds, appears on a great distance.

- Blood pools are more realistic.

- The splash of a ped can land on another ped, including you

- The color of the blood is more realistic.
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