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Dispatch of Variety [Add-On][.OIV] 4.3.0


About the mod:

Dispatch of Variety expands on the renowned World of Variety. The mod is designed to bring action and, as the name entails, variety to Grand Theft Auto V's dispatch system while staying true to established GTA lore. With that said, expect immersive, action-packed law enforcement chases and emergency responses.

It incorporates added lore-friendly pedestrians and vehicles, enhancing ambiance, diversity, and immersion as you explore the game world. On top of that, the loadouts system has been touched to offer an expanded arsenal of weapons that makes use of weapon attachments such as flashlights, sights, etc.

Moreover, enjoy a handful of re-textures and restored vehicles from the beta and former Grand Theft Autos. All of these and more, when you download and click Install!

This mod was developed by me, and various modmakers from the community. Having invested countless hours of hard work for the development of the mod, everything was built and written from scratch, tweaked to ensure stability, and thought of thoroughly to make sense of the spawns.

Hoping you all enjoy!


  • A whole new dynamic dispatch system built from scratch that make way for efficient spawns. It pushes the limits of R*'s vanilla dispatch system to its optimum potential, without loss in performance
  • Consistent spawning of the law enforcement agencies, you will be able to see cops and detectives all the way to 5 stars with the FIB and Military adding into the chase
  • Ped equipment and vehicles will dynamically improve as your number of wanted stars increases. For example, at Levels 1-3, the Police and Detectives won't have bulletproof vests and are inside an Esperanto, but at 4-5 they will have bulletproof vests and be inside a Fugitive/Interceptor.
  • Immersive, action-packed, and diverse law enforcement chases and emergency responses
  • Better transitions from each wanted level, each star shall now last longer, giving you enough time to enjoy the rising action on each star
  • More color variations for selected vanilla vehicles like the APC
  • A collection of added lore-friendly cars and pedestrians that blends in very well as if they were part of the game, from names, to liveries to parts, it's all there from the smallest detail. Some vehicles have been recreated and restored from the beta and former Grand Theft Autos
  • The Military, San Andreas Highway Patrol and L.S.P.D. Detectives are now part of the chase
  • Rebalanced loadouts system to give off variety to weapons, weapon attachments are now made use of
  • Smarter A.I. responses for the chases, and gameplay
  • Ambient spawns for law enforcement in appropriate areas, including added peds and vehicles
  • Everything was made and polished carefully so you should encounter little to no bugs at all
  • .OIV Package Installation method
  • Is an addon, so ensured compatibility for most mods
  • IVPack Compatibility

Installation Instructions:

  1. Make sure you have a clean install of Grand Theft Auto V v1.0.1737.0 (The Diamond Casino DLC) or above. This means not having any mods at all, and an empty mods folder.
  2. Install the latest version of World of Variety and its requirements found here
  3. Download Dispatch of Variety 4.3.0 from this page, run the .OIV Package, and you should be good to go, enjoy!

Additional Installation Instructions for Compatibility Patches found on respective .OIV Package.

World of Variety and Dispatch of Variety are in .OIV Packages, which means installation is automatic, so you need not worry about messing up anything during installation.

IMPORTANT: This mod is built on and made for Grand Theft Auto V v1.0.1737.0 (The Diamond Casino DLC) and the latest version of World of Variety. As an addon, it should still work regardless of updates. However, any patch below v1.0.1737.0 may be incompatible, and will thus not be supported.

Disclaimer! Pirated versions of the game are not, and will never be supported.


  1. Grand Theft Auto V v1.0.1737.0 (The Diamond Casino DLC) or above
  2. OpenIV
  3. World of Variety

Contributors & Collaborators:

Special thanks to all of them, Dispatch of Variety won't be where it is now without them (arranged alphabetically):

  • _CP_
  • 11john11
  • 420x420
  • AlexanderLB
  • Anonymous_
  • Aziz Kuchkarov
  • Bad Company
  • BobJaneTMart
  • Carrythxd
  • Cass
  • Chris W.
  • Custo
  • cp702
  • Daniel
  • darewnoo
  • Dilapidated
  • Guncharted78
  • IlayArye
  • Jacobmaate
  • kairu
  • KuroTenshi28
  • Lt. Caine
  • Lundy
  • MarineMan
  • Mkeezay
  • Monkeypolice188
  • NefariousBonne
  • Netman
  • Nuxeout
  • Olanov
  • Pantyshot (New Home Cinema)
  • Reyser
  • Rippler
  • Sealyx
  • Skelepap
  • TheF3nt0n
  • TheNGClan
  • The Realism Team
  • The Sheriff
  • The_XXI
  • Tuppence007
  • Unmutual
  • Voit Turyv
  • Yard1
  • zanesix
  • Zenn Ten
  • Zippo Raid

License & Permissions:

This mod is the product of countless hours of hard work, not just by me, but by various modmakers from the community.

Copying or redistributing this mod, or its contents separately without permission or approval by its respective author is prohibited.

This mod is exclusive for download at only. Downloads from other sites will be regarded as stolen.

Recommended mods:

This is just a small list of mods I recommend. Choose not to install them, and the mod will still work no problem. However, these may be crucial for added stability, should you decide to increase your number of mods, or just want to play safe.

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