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1974 Chevy Caprice Vert "Junk Donk" 1.0


1974 Chevrolet Caprice Vert Junk Donk
If using this vehicle in a video please show RESPECT AND
CREDIT to LAZLOW555 and BRAINSHACK CUSTOMS for the creation of this model.

I commissioned LAZLOW555 to make the original stock model from scratch. I
PAID LAZLOW555 to make the stock model for ME. NOBODY else can take credit
for ANY of the work done on this vehicle. Anybody that says different is not
telling the truth. All of the textures, modification of the bumpers, trunk,
etc. was done by me. The dead body in the trunk was converted by me from

With THAT being said, if you can't give proper credit don't use the model
in your videos. This model had been HEAVILY modified by BRAINSHACK CUSTOMS
so it is LOCKED due to people taking previous models of mine, NOT CHANGING ANYTHING
and passing it off as theirs. For that reason I will NOT provide any versions void
of my logos.
I've tested this out on FIVEM and Single Player and it works. If there are any
issues please let me know. I made this with ROLE PLAY in mind. It's a junkyard car but I made it with fast and excellent handling. Good for getting away from the cops after you get reported for having a dead body in the trunk. For more exclusive vehicles check out my Patreon


Single Player:
1st Part
1. Open OPENIV
2. Go to: Mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
3. Drag and drop bshackjunk folder into dlcpacks folder

2nd Part
1. Open OPENIV
2. Go to: Mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
3. Extract dlclist.xml from data folder to your desktop
4. Open dlclist.xml with Notepad
5. Scroll to the bottom of the list till you see the 2nd to the last
line that says
6. Add this line ABOVE IT: dlcpacks:/bshackjunk/
7. Now bottom three lines should look like THIS below:

8. Save dlclist.xml to your desktop and drag back into the OPENIV
data folder. (Make sure the edit button is enabled in OPENIV)
9. Close OPENIV and start game. Type bshackjunk into your trainer
to spawn 1974 Chevy Caprice Junk Donk.


1974 Chevrolet Caprice Vert Junk Donk
1. Drag and drop bshackjunk folder into your resources folder.
2. Open up server.cfg file and add "start bshackjunk"
3. Save server.cfg and start server.
4. Spawn name will be bshackjunk.

BIG THANKS TO LAZLOW555 for making the stock model for me!!!!

Sidenote: Please refrain from delivering me messages in reference
to anybody speaking negative about BrainShack. I don't need to know.
I'm just here to create. And if you want to argue, argue with yourself.

BRAINSHACK CUSTOMS LLC////////////////////////////////////////APRIL 2021
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