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Port Elizabeth
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    buddy, it has been a qiant struggle for me to get the clothing combinations correctly, as I do not use Menyoo but Simple Trainer by sjaak. Could you PLEASE list which combinations I need for that trainer?
    Or save a preset in that trainer and share the lines from the trainer

    I also found out, but after quite some time unfortunately, I do not replace the clothing in mpstunt but mp_heist3 (!!!)

    4 hours ago
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    @toobalooboolama you certainly have a point, I look forward to seeing your addition to it with various cargens and scenarios done via CodeWalker

    16 hours ago
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    @JustDancePC and that's where you are wrong, this is not a democracy

    please re-read the community guidelines found below the stars and Post comment button

    now, what those community guidelines do not mention clearly, but what is enforced by staff is the fact that giving a 0,5 star rating means "this mod is so shitty it crashes my game immediately"
    thus, giving such a rating or placing a comment on how disgusting you think it is just because you don't agree with its level of quality is not what we at 5Mods allow for

    if you dislike a mod that much, do not download it, in other words show common respect and courtesy

    thank you for complying

    24 hours ago
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    Thank you. Thank you for putting up with me.

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    working just fine in SP
    Patoche, this is a wonderful map, thank you for sharing with us!

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    @Xxxmage impossible as the file exceeds the size 5Mods server allows for hosting (which is 400MB)

    Thanks for sharing, too bad all 206 have a stretched tire design and lacking global.gxt2 entries

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    thank you for sharing!
    fun for a bit but incompatible with Larcius' V Remastered Revised (reworked from Le__AK) and Alex106's betavegprops, many clipping palms and trees in LS area

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    @kjb33 hi there, you might want to check if you're using latest prerequisites (ScripthookV), dropped the VehFuncsV.asi, its ini and the VehFuncsV folder in your base gamefolder and made sure the modelname in the car specific ini (that goes in that VehfuncsV folder) is identical to the modelname the car has,

    Dennis' amggtbs in my 2189.0 game with its wipers and spoiler-flap:

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    well, what I always do is look at the EXPLANATION AND LIST OF KEYCODES in sjaak327's Trainer.ini to know what code is what key

    then in ZMenu.ini you can change the keybinds in the KEYBINDINGS SECTION, so change MenuToggle=118 (F7 to activate into 114 = F3)

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