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    @RiotXGames No, this is for singleplayer only! FiveM has similar options already built in client side for any user on any server.

    07 Februarie 2024
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    @SeniaX You only really need this mod if you game is having texture loss or pop in issues like the one shown in the gallery with before and after. If your game is running fine I would actually advise against using this.

    Also unless you are using RPH or LSPDFR there is no need for anything else.

    25 Octombrie 2023
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    @J_Hunt_The_1st @LEOPAYNE I can't get the same to happen on my end with NVE (free), LSPDFR / RPH, SHV and a few map mods. Make sure you move the .asi and .ini into your root game folder and if you are using something like NVE, install the optional LSPDFR compatibility addon.

    12 Octombrie 2023
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    @Suzerain001 Other than it maybe causing an unlikely crash or running out of memory somewhere else as far as I'm aware no. I've played for an hour with it set at 10GiB and was fine, the better way to look at it though, is there any upside to setting that much? The answer is no, you only need as much as you need, which for most seems to max out before 2GiB.

    28 Ianuarie 2023
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    @EVGR LOD stuff can be unstable at extreme distances but I've extended LOD ranges a bit in a few example which can be seen here: sadly not as noticeable after compression but it definitely helps in cases of bad LOD changes.

    23 Ianuarie 2023
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    @Suzerain001 Important thing to remember is you only need to set the amount you need, the default should be good enough for most, if you experience texture loss or stuttering when moving fast then start to increase it, I've ran complete vehicle replace packs, maxed out NVE, big map mods and LSPDFR off the default value I set in the INI.

    23 Ianuarie 2023
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    @safari4831 Yeah that was me, I originally wanted to make it an in-game menu by modifying memory while the game was running to essentially make it a live editor but ran into issues and then It also got a bit outdated and I had people spamming me about it.

    it's something I could revisit in the future maybe, honestly surprised you even knew about it.

    22 Ianuarie 2023
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    @Shadow Nice one, glad to hear it! Recommended additional will vary with what you have installed and your ingame settings and resolution, if you have an overlay or use task manager just try to make sure you don't go over ~7.5GB GPU usage other wise your game will start to use system/shared memory which may cause stuttering or potentially crashes.

    19 Ianuarie 2023
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    @Shadow Very weird then, I've ran a lot more intensive mods (with NVE as well) and never had an issue. In the mean time you could try disabling the experimental mode in the INI file to see if that makes a difference by changing it's value to 0 and reduce additional GPU memory to 1024.

    I've been a bit distracted with IRL stuff so just got back to working on an update as well which may help and I'm gonna expose more config options.

    18 Ianuarie 2023
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    @Shadow Shouldn't cause crashes, especially with the default values on an 8GB card. When does it crash btw and how much system memory do you have? If it does so only after a while it's likely a deeper issue since immediate values are hooked and applied on game boot.

    @Jeeves There is likely an upper limit and to get that high I'm guessing you are running some quite serious map mods, but only having an 8 and 10GB card at home I can't really test it easily. Still kinda blows my mind we even have 24GB cards for gaming now lol, would love to see what I could throw at that game dev wise.

    17 Ianuarie 2023