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  • 4b826c untitled

    @Tanuki this mod needs updating since the last GTA Online update.
    Causing crashing issues when used with F7YO's Gameconfig.
    Also Sirenlimit Adjuster is having issues to from cp702.

    in urma cu 6 zile
  • 4b826c untitled

    Fwboxstreamervariablepatch From Tanuki is causing the crash when trying to load into SP, I think he needs to update that mod.
    I can not load into SP when trying to use the Fwboxstreamervariablepatch im getting a crash.
    I think a few main mods need updating by the creators this is not down to @F7YO.
    Appreciate your constant updates of gameconfig brother.
    I have just spent two hours trying to work out WTF is going on with my game lol.
    I can load sp with no mods folder and menyoo and scripts folder.
    I just cant load into the game when trying to use Fwboxstreamervariablepatch and Sirenlimit adjuster i think.

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  • 4b826c untitled

    I am still trying to add more clothing to Carl Johnson at the moment.
    I have completely re constructed the MAIN files in "CJClassic" dlc.rpf .
    All files have been correctly named and re sorted so they are used better in game.
    Missing Textures are now properly assorted.
    All prop hats have been re sized and changed to better suit CJ.
    I have added some swat pants, military pants and all the good looking shoes from GTA Online.
    I am by no means a professional when it comes to blender ( I have been learning as I go along) so don't expect outfits to be 100% perfect with each other but for the most parts there is more clothing options and they do fit with certain things.
    The only issue I have been having is trying to get hats and masks to not move from the head when you super jump or you are on top of a van ( the movement causes the mask's or hats to go out of position on CJ's head) this problem is present with clothing Legendario made him self though so I'm not to sure how to fix this.
    If anyone wants to help or share there knowledge in Blender and 3d modelling please feel free to message and contact me on discord ( you will need to add me first) my handle is : xXcalvin54Xx
    Also add me on Discord if you would like the new updated files so far early before I upload them.
    I will be posting a link to google drive in the comments or if I can I will upload it here as a secondary file next to the "FINAL replacement" version.
    You will still need to download the MAIN FINAL Replacement if you are new, follow everything from there then proceed to the new updated files.
    Which will be dragging and dropping into open iv to replace the old existing files in CJClassic.rpf and mppatchesng.rpf.
    I will also include manual textures and updated loading screens as for some reason my OIV package to fix the screens is not replacing loadingscreen19 and 23 (slight render issue causing the render to show bigger then it is suppose to be).

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    24 Iunie 2024
  • 4b826c untitled

    LETS GOOO <3 Time to put some KNEES TO FACES!

    17 Iunie 2024
  • 4b826c untitled

    I have resized all of the props used in missions that was not done by legendario.
    I have also replaced some props/hats with better options from MP.
    Super jumping with CJ causes clipping issues that are present on the model anyway ( I don't know how to fix that) other than that the clothing options I have added all look good.
    gives more variety of clothing that the model was seriously lacking.
    Just a long process to re size all the clothes to make fit CJ.
    I will keep the comment section updated.

    14 Iunie 2024
  • 4b826c untitled

    I am trying to work on adding some extra clothing for Carl Johnson to add in the future.
    I might just leave a link on the comment section and pin it with a link for google drive when i have completed them.
    all of the clothing has to be re rigged in blender and is a fairly long process for myself as i am learning blender as i go along.
    so far i have managed to get the Clucking Bell Mask and Green Brooker Bandana from the mp_m_freemode ped and working with CJ.
    there is slight clipping when using super jump ( i think this is related to the player model of CJ made by legendario as this happens with all clothing he made when super jumping.)
    I want to take a few items of clothing from MP and use it for CJ to fill out the missing slots for player_one so when playing missions and it has to use certain clothing items it will use the new MP clothing hopefully.
    Anyone who has used blender for creating clothing or models and know how to easily add clothing to other peds please contact me on discord: xXcalvin54Xx
    It would be a major help as i am struggling with attaching bone movement to clothing properly.

    12 Iunie 2024
  • 4b826c untitled

    @SLmodding thank you for the response, i will have to try this out.
    I used a mod like this before but it became outdated, Nice work brother thank you.

    10 Aprilie 2024
  • 4b826c untitled

    Would this be compatibles with Venkeys Country & City Road ligths?

    10 Aprilie 2024
  • 4b826c untitled

    Can you possibly make a mastery version of the kilo please with Orion/Damascus/Atomic from vanguard.
    Nicely Done!

    31 Martie 2024
  • 4b826c untitled

    @skunkMP4 just install the free mode audio.oiv .
    (the story mode dialogue is still franklins lines but in CJ voice some lines are changed to better fit) .

    16 Martie 2024