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    Perfect mod. This along with your gameconfig works at almost anything I set up. I do have to set my values up to like 11000 sometimes but I have the memory to accommodate it.

    07 Februarie 2022
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    This one still works for me even on the new update. Very nice config.

    17 Decembrie 2021
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    Pretty good setup actually. The price issues people have aren't really and issue since with just vanilla game, you end up with so much money. With added money making scripts its even more. Real good pricelist.

    08 August 2021
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    Works like a charm. My heap is 10000 and pack file is 14000. Might be high values but it works for me. Anyways amazing config.

    07 August 2021
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    No complaints here. Just letting you know how useful this mod is to me. I had previously done what this mod does but manually. If you ever do another mod make something just like this but instead it moves the files needed to downgrade the game quickly. Usually just GTAV.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, and the update.rpf. Even so this is more than enough to make my life so much easier.

    14 Februarie 2021
  • B2dcbf t0r logo

    Simply amazing. Gameplay looks so much better and I love the added veg (I'm a patreon). Glad to see someone else who also wants more green in the game.

    18 Ianuarie 2021
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    So simple yet so good. A+

    17 Ianuarie 2021
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    @Roma_Moder ARS is not updated for the latest version of the game. Update messed up the handling of the ai. Wait for an update as he has announced that he was working on it.

    26 August 2020
  • B2dcbf t0r logo

    5 starts for the fix, the other 20 invisible stars for the accurate diagram.

    19 August 2020
  • B2dcbf t0r logo

    Makes my modding so much more time efficient being able to switch loadouts so fast. 200 stars but can only rate it 5 xD

    16 August 2020