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  • Gtao47

    This is really really cool to see. I hope you continue working on custom animations because it's sorely needed. Are there any plans for a Discord or Patreon page?

    24 Mai 2022
  • Gtao47

    I'm sure you've seen this before but there was a guy at GTAForums who claimed to have met a former QA tester around 2013.

    "This is a sort of beta thing, and I know it reeks of "my friend at R*" but this is what he told me, I don't know if it's really true or not and it's not a huge thing anyways. I was in the pub with a friend who used to do QA at R*, a little after GTA V came out and he kept talking about "Niko frozen in ice" - after he mentioned it a few times I stopped him and asked him what he was talking about. He said "Niko is frozen in the ice in North Yankton!", I replied "Do you mean the alien?" he then said "Oh, right, well it was Niko at one point." I'm sure it's more of a placeholder/inside thing for them to giggle at while it was in development, but that's the only real beta story I can share!"

    Although it can never be truly confirmed, it does line up with the frozen alien's file name: plg_01_nico_new.ydr

    Is there a chance you'd ever consider replacing him with Niko?

    11 Mai 2022