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  • Gtao48

    @dyleman99 Sorry for the late response they are not going to violate tos the flags are taken from the game itself i just copy+pasted them

    09 Martie 2024
  • Gtao48

    Forgot to mention the border is located to the right of the cluckin bell farm

    05 Martie 2024
  • Gtao48

    For some reason the install instructions are not showing in the disc so ill just post em here
    to start when you fist open the folder your gonna see 2 folders and 2 files your gonna take the abandonded_island folder and place it in your dlc list mods>update>x64>dlcpacks and then just drag the folder in there next your gonna go to your dlclist mods>update>update.rpf>common>data then find the dlclist.xml an put in the line at the bottom <Item>dlcpacks:/abandonded_island/</Item> then finally go to gta main directory then menyoostuff sponer and put in the MAPXXX5.xml into the spooner folder And your all done!!!

    06 Decembrie 2023