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    @Joacoxx @ALBonnie_REAL It has been fixed in 3.3.6. The new game update broke some of the core aspects of Rainbomizer which is why it stopped working altogether.

    01 Iulie 2024
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    @Zsombor_99 Unfortunately not without a significant amount of effort.

    23 Februarie 2023
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    @Jayden06_DML You probably have a conflicting mod installed then. The world is mirrored along with the controls. So that means with the mirrored world, you will have normal controls (i.e the controls are mirrored, but the character controls as normal because the map is also mirrored). If somehow some mod is reverting the changes this mod is making (either reverting the controls back to normal (i.e not mirrored, but actually mirrored because the world is mirrored) or if the world is not getting mirrored (so the controls are mirrored but the game is not mirrored so the controls feel mirrored) then the issue is not that the mod isn't mirroring controls (it is, but so that it feels normal in the mirrored world). The terminology is complicated with double mirroring.

    30 Decembrie 2022
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    @GifanTheWoodElf There is an option in the config. If you don't have it in your config file, you can get one that does from GitHub (

    24 Decembrie 2022
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    @GifanTheWoodElf It sounds like you have MissionRandomizer enabled but you are not randomizing missions (either you deleted Missions.txt from the data files or made it an empty file). I suspect this is the case because the boards are disabled in Mission Randomizer (since choices are randomized), and the Carbine Rifles mission that you mentioned has the default behaviour (where you respawn outside of the mission) removed to have it use the default mission pass/fail sequence as a randomized mission.

    So it would seem that mission randomizer is in a half-enabled state and is causing these issues.

    @nonums @PsyChoTiC The mod requires an update after every game update because of how it modifies the game on the low level. The last update was a huge update in regards to the changes being made to the internal code and it required a lot of updates to the Rainbomizer to make it compatible with the latest version. The required changes have been made and we're doing final testing on the latest version to ensure there's no further issues. I'd advise checking the GitHub page for quick updates.

    22 Decembrie 2022
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    @123Painter123 Add "MissionRandomizer = false" to config.toml alongside other such options. It's been missing in the latest version, but you can add it manually or get an updated version from GitHub. Another method is to just delete Missions.txt from rainbomizer/data folder.

    03 Septembrie 2022
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    @gtavjamal Sorry that is impossible to do with just an ASI.
    @Andristum Source code is available in the shaders branch on V Rainbomizer GitHub.
    @scyrox I can add that in the next version

    20 Iunie 2022
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    @Barranda What kind of soft-lock? Do you have any other mods installed?

    04 Aprilie 2022
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  • A5e5f6 205

    @MiK0_ You need to use something like 7-zip or WinRAR to extract the 7z file.

    07 Ianuarie 2022