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    @adopcalipt I'm having a weird issue with this new v4.42 update, for some reason the payphones are disappearing and I when mean disappearing I don't mean from the map I mean physically disappearing from the game, literally. The payphones themselves are just not there where they're supposed to be. I got the locations of most of those payphones already marked in the map with custom blips and coordinates so I know they're supposed to be there but, for some reason when I go to them the payphones are just not there. If I drive around long enough looking for them eventually one of them shows up with the green marker but, as soon as I do a mission off that phone and want to do another one mission, the payphones are gone again. It seems as if the script is not loading quickly enough for some reason. I've never had that issue before with previous versions. If you can suggest anything as to why that's happening please let me know.

    Also, another thing I wanted to mention, once I'm able to find an active phone and begin doing the mission, for some reason the "waypoint" that leads to the destination all of the sudden disappears like halfway there, sometimes it doesn't even show up at all in the mini map, which makes it hard to find the best route to get to the destination. Even if I find the destination blip on the map and set my own waypoint, sometimes my own waypoint also disappears halfway there....there seems to be some type of inconsistency with set waypoints, for some reason.

    in urma cu 9 zile
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    @SkylineGTRFreak How about making the Grumman A-6 Intruder >,_in_1988.jpg . I would love to add that aircraft to my addon collection

    05 Iunie 2024
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    @adopcalipt Where does the new "Outfits" folder goes? Does it goes inside the "NSPM" folder? or in 'scripts' as a stand-alone folder?

    18 Mai 2024
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    @SLmodding Is this mod compatible with the "L.A. Roads + L.A. Roads Patch" addon? > . I had that mod for years and I've being reinstalling it ever since with every new patch but, I don't know if yours is compatible with it or will it conflict. What do you think?

    21 Aprilie 2024
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    @HSneak Can I add the "Payphones" sprites into the Blipsprites text file? And, if I do, will they show up on the map?

    15 Aprilie 2024
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    @SuleMareVientu For some reason a lot of those "Hot Dog" stands don't have any vendors behind 'em. I drove around, looking for those hotdog stands and found some of them but, I couldn't find any vendors behind them. I do have a modified popgroups.ymt which includes two specific mods, "Cops Back on the Beat" and the "Pull Me Over" mods, maybe those vendors are missing in the file. If you could tell me the exact names of those vendors I can add 'em in, if they're missing.

    By the way, I got a suggestion for you, you can maybe add a text in your download showing the coords for all those "HotDogs" stands within the map, that would be really helpful for everyone. I know there are a whole bunch of those in vespucci beach but, I'm sure there are more out there. It would be a good idea for you to include a text file in your downloads showing the coordinates to all those hotdog stands. This is a good "Coordinates" mod here >

    07 Aprilie 2024
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    @yk2_lia Why can't you combine all those ymaps into one single ymap? You got 25 individual ymaps already in the "custom_maps" dlc included and 14 individual ones in the "drygrass" folder, you can easily combine all the green grass ones and better garbage into onto one single ymap and do the same for the "drygrass" ones. I don't think there's any need to have so many individual ymaps. Just my opinion. Other than that, it's still a good mod though.

    05 Aprilie 2024
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    @adopcalipt For some reason everytime I start a mission the waypoint sometimes appears briefly and then disappears half way to the destination and sometimes it doesn't even show up at all in the mini-map and I have to meticulously try to find the destination icon visually and then set my own waypoint manually. I don't know if the waypoint is set to disappear automatically within the mod or not, it's never constant.

    26 Martie 2024
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    @Alex106 I got a question for you, since you seem to be pretty good at unlocking doors and this and that and the other thing....there's a back door at Franklin's second house in Vinewood Hills that is adjacent to his bedroom. It's a back door which has a whole bunch of green tubs in front of it and it's always locked. I wonder if you can create your magic and make that door accessible and get rid of all those useless green tubs in front of it. It would be really cool if you could exit the house thru that door instead of going around the upper level to go outside. Here's a short demo showing what door I'm talking about >

    25 Martie 2024
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    @ModdingWithKelvin I like this mod but, I agree with what BlackKrystal suggested there, if there is a way to make it more realistic such as the amount of money dropped by peds when killed, it should be a more realistic amount instead of thousands of dollars per ped and also, obviously, the issue with the animals carrying cash, that's funny but also unrealistic. If you can address those two issues with this mod it would make it even better. I'm still using it as is regardless.

    10 Martie 2024