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    @gbxemu the KEYS you press on the keyboard are right next to the commands that you DO NOT click on.

    in urma cu 7 zile
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    @TBNRWilly It's repeated three times right on this page. Why are you asking me where?

    19 Iulie 2021
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    @PrinceOfTheCity I don't know. In my game Vlad asks for the added cars but when I bring them he says he doesn't want it. I think it's an issue of upper or lower case. And you want to use the hash name, not the dlcpack name. For most cars that's the same but a DLC pack can have multiple cars. This mod is poorly documented and fet0r doesn't come around often.

    @fet0r this is another bug, if Vlad has a special mission for a car, let's say a Glendale, if you steal a different Glendale off the street the mod will crash when it gets close to Vlad's garage. Use the license plate as a serialID.

    16 Iulie 2021
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    @PrinceOfTheCity yes, but I think they have to be case consistent with the hashname
    @fet0r is that correct that
    MODELNAME = MustBeCaseConsistent

    09 Iulie 2021
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    I rather think it looks like a W140 not a W124. It's a Princess Diana Special.

    05 Iulie 2021
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    This is probably the current best "sell stolen cars" mod for a game that calls itself Grand Theft Auto but it needs some work. I haven't completed the story mode in a few years so I figured I'd make a lore friendly series of mods to the base game. This is one, and I like it after nerfing the sale values.

    *Default payouts are too high, should 5%-10% (and DLC vehicles should be price cut by 90% before giving 5-10%)
    *Allows grinding, should only be available once per game day
    *Different locations should be different people with different lists of cars
    *Since there is no equivalent of selling cars at LSC like Online has, this should let you pull up with any car once per game day for 3%.
    *Custom missions are too often, by default
    *Instead of hand entering every add-on/DLC vehicle, the ini should have a list of every vehicle hash in the game with a decent pre-selected list and folks can just uncomment the ones they want, or add-on by hash name.
    **add cop/army/fire/aid vehicles to make it interesting!
    *Fix the blank phone entries
    *There's a bug in calculations based on value vs damage with lower valued vehicles so dude says he won't pay.

    04 Iulie 2021
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    This mod is duping the characters primary vehicles. Playing as Trevor and I've Bodhi icons all over the place. Every time he gets out, the mod saves it and restores them all when the saved game reloads.

    29 Iunie 2021
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    Is this a live changer?

    26 Iunie 2021
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    Yes. Fix your rating.

    16 Iunie 2021
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    If you are playing Franklin or Michael and call Trevor on the phone to get drunk and hang out, he will sometimes proposition them. Trevor's omnisexual. He'll have sex with anything. Quit hatin'

    15 Iunie 2021