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  • C3fe18 benjamin, winter dressed

    what does the "SHVDNC" mean in the zip file? is it the Community Script Hook .NET 2 thingie??

    11 hours ago
  • C3fe18 benjamin, winter dressed

    Sadly - I couldn't find where I should place those 3 files in the mphipster folder. I had to delete from my mods folder the x64w.rpf file, since I couldn't progress further and be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

    2/10. The vehicle looks good, however - it ended up getting abandoned, so don't even download it and be an idiot like me, trying to install it.

    14 August 2022
  • C3fe18 benjamin, winter dressed

    @LoriaNashor - This mod turned all gangsters into furries. I literally laughed my ass off when I was wearing those shirts in the public. I even gained a 2 star-heat on my back for walking past their Police Station.

    11/10. We need more of such parody things in the future. xD

    31 Iulie 2022