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True Lore Los Santos - Gang and Turf config 1.1

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PLANNED CHANGES 1.2 - All gangs, depending on their lore location and power will carry and have the ability to purchase and equip weapons that are realistic. This is for players that use RP saves that disallow them from buying overpowered weapons from Ammu-Nation (working on a fix to lock the Ammu-Nation doors or force a weapon permit system in SP). All gang set territories will have realistic values adjusted so that you will, for example, encounter highly armed guards around the Madrazo Manor in the hills, but will encounter cheaply armed bikers around the Lost MC clubhouse.

CHANGELOG 1.1 - A territory in the Armenian set area was set to 5 when I initially uploaded. I've set all territories to a value of 1 in version 1.1 to allow more members and vehicles to spawn.

For the aspiring single player building their own perfect Los Santos, gangs and their turf are a must have. @lucasvinbr gifted us all with a system that brought back the OG gang turf goodness from San Andreas and I've loved tinkering with it to give my city with what I feel is the most authentic touch of realism when it comes to the gangs and their lore. I present to you my personally polished and refined vision of the mod.

Now, to the specifics:
This is *not* a gang warfare modification (unless you specifically want it to be). The majority of the "turfs" have been removed and only the lore-based locations remain. I use "Gang and Turf" to place the city's gangs and their members where they should be and identify them on the map. Each gang (and their subsequent sets) are placed where Rockstar's lore has established them. Carson Avenue Families can be found around Davis Station, the Armenian Mob can be found at their Rogers Salvage and Scrap HQ, etc. All turf markers have been hand-placed. All of these turfs start at 0 value for roleplay purposes (they quickly upgrade and are limited to basic weaponry, adjust according to your wishes).

Installation: Download and install @lucasvinbr's Gang and Turf mod. Replace the original "GangData.xml" and "TurfZoneData.xml" files with what you've downloaded here. Your gangModData folder is located in your root game directory. While in-game, use the "B" button to adjust your Gang and Turf settings accordingly.

My personal preference has been to set gang behavior to Defensive and prohibit the gangs from attacking each other or myself, so they simply exist and defend their turf if attacked (why would the Ballas want Stab City? Ridiculous.)

This mod is presented as-is and I will help anyone with a genuine issue. If you ignore this description and ask for help, I'll ignore you right back. If you have any ideas or recommendations for adjustments to this mod, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
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