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Random Start [Asi] ++V1.3



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Random Start++ V1.3

Start your game as a random character in a random scenario, or as a saved character in no scenario you decide, thousands of random locations, some now trigger new street phone missions.

New to 1.3 You can edit vehicle and ped lists, and add your custom vehicles and peds.



    -- Random location Ped on start.
    -- Saving of custom peds including face blend data and Overlays for Freemode peds.
    -- Generate Random freemode peds.
    -- Settings done through a menu system. (Default bind is 'L' key)
    -- Permanent death..with a funeral(Optional).
    -- Improved Prison sentences (Optional).
    -- Assimilate Ped. (become any nearby ped).
    -- Reincarnation.
    -- Start directly into a new street phone mission(Has Issues).
    -- Key-biindings Pick keys or use controller.

Place the content of the zip file into 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder.
The Translate folder contains a variety of languages, translated using google translate. Your language will be automatically set via the game language. You can change your languages in the settings menu.
-1) = Auto-select
0) = English
1) = French
2) = German
3) = Italian
4) = Spanish
5) = Portuguese
6) = Polish
7) = Russian
8) = Korean
9) = Chinese
10) = Japanese
11) = Mexican
12) = Chinese-Simplifyed

How to make menyoo compatible with the random re-gen system
1)Open Menyoo menu.
2)Navigate to settings.
3)Navigate to Reset Player Model Upon Death (SP).
4)Toggle to off (red).

Required Files

All the free DLC's installed...
Script Hook V

This mod uses all the vehicles available, these require an up-to-date trainer so they don't de-spawn.
Any of these will work.
Add-On Vehicle Spawner

Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

- Police react to saved peds for the 'Services' scenario.
- NSPM launch sometimes fails(need to fix on NSPM).

Change Log
Version 1.3
  • Fixed launching in a vehicle but unable to exit the vehicle.
  • Added Walk stye options.
  • Added face expression options.
  • fixed weapon saver not saving weapons as intended.
  • fixed mk2 weapons not loading in ammo.
  • fixed save/edit ped menu too recognize if you are using a saved ped or not.
  • removed auto saving of peds too file. All changes to saved peds are only made when you select save.
  • lots of other changes check github for other the changes.

Version 1.21
  • Added top badges to freemode outfits.
  • Added snow to the weather options and custom winter settings.

Version 1.2
  • Fixed crash on load when using random ped and fill vehicle scenario.
  • Added a randomize option to the scenario selection menu.
  • Added beach party back into cayo perico.
  • Menu now closes when game is paused.
  • Made the resurrection script run a bit faster.

Version 1.11
  • Fixed menu text in wrong area.
  • Fixed the default ped being selected as a saved ped.
  • Fixed saved animal peds being used in scenarios.

Version 1.1
  • Fixed issue with saving outfits.
  • Added reincarnation spawn point to keep the player in the same area when they die.
  • Added reincarnation spawn points to Cayo Perico and Yankton.

Version 1.0
  • Rewriten in C++ for improved stability and optimization.

all the help on finding functions from here
MAFINS -- great tool for finding animations, vehicles, props, peds etc
rootcause -- The Cayo Perico functions

--Rockstar Games
--Alexander Blade
--Everyone else

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GitHub C# Version
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