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Money Heist Script Mod

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The concept for this script mod heavily borrows from FelixTheBlackCat’s now discontinued mod: ATM Robberies & Bank Heists. Therefore, it goes without saying that the core functionality and offering of my work is nothing far from his. Big thank you to Felix for sharing his source code online which became available to everyone who would want to recreate his amazing work, such as I did. Without his code, this project would not have been possible as I used his codes as the baseline for my work.



This mod allows you, the player, to either steal money from ATM Terminals and/or execute a heist from the Banks available all over San Andreas. I will attempt to re-implement a bonus feature from Felix’s work: The North Yankton Heist.

Go to one of the areas marked on your map to start the mission and earn heaps of money. Granted, you manage to lose the cops and enter one of your safe houses. The amount of money you can take home and the level of difficulty scales depending on the type of establishment you hit on.

  • Safe Houses (v1.x.x.x) [Released]

    • 8 available areas
    • Marked on the map with a “Safe House” Legend
    • Lose the cops and stay inside to have the Heist Money credited to your Bank Account
    • In-Game Time will be skipped by 1 ~ 24 Hours randomly

  • ATM Terminals (v2.x.x.x) [Released]

    • 48 available areas
    • Marked on the map with a “Cash Register” Legend
    • Potential earnings: $10,000 ~ $100,000
    • Difficulty: 2 Wanted Stars

  • Small Banks (v1.x.x.x) [Released]

    • 6 available areas
    • Marked on the map with a “Circular Dollar Sign” Legend
    • Potential earnings: $100,000 ~ $1,000,000
    • Difficulty: 3 Wanted Stars

  • Large Banks (v3.x.x.x) [Released]

    • 3 available areas
    • Marked on the map with a “Dollar Sign” Legend
    • Potential earnings: $1,000,000 ~ $10,000,000
    • Difficulty: 4 Wanted Stars

  • The North Yankton Heist (v4.x.x.x) [Planned!]

    • Re-enact the original Heist by yourself and survive
    • Marked on the map with a “Helicopter” Legend
    • Potential earnings: $10,000,000 ~ $100,000,000
    • Difficulty: 5 Wanted Stars

  • The Black Market (v5.x.x.x) [Planned!]

    • Spend your Heist Money on the Black Market
    • Buy High Caliber Weapons, Military, and Luxury Vehicles at over half the price vs online
    • More details will be announced soon





  1. Download the latest version from this website
  2. Extract MoneyHeist.dll from the downloaded MoneyHeistScript [vX.X.X].7z (where vX.X.X = version number)
  3. Paste MoneyHeist.dll into your %GTA V Installation Directory%\scripts flider. If the flider does not exist, create one.
  4. If you have configured Script Reload Hotkey for your SHVDN plugin, hit it now. Otherwise, restart the game.



  1. Go to one of the markers provided by this Script Mod that are visible on your Map
  2. Stand on the Marker and additional instructions will appear on your screen
  • Blue Markers = You will have to enter the establishment
  • Green Markers = The heist will start from there
  • Lose the Heat or Outrun the Cops
  • Get to one of your Safe Houses and lay low to have the Heist Money credited to your bank account
  • Repeat!

  • ___________________________


    • FelixTheBlackCat

      • For his original work and sharing its source code online for free

    • RelaperCrystal

      • For helping me figure out how some parts of my script could be implemented

    • Me: xSkyFire

      • Author of Money Heist Script Mod



    • This is the first mod I've ever made for the franchise and GTA V. So please bear with me if the development would take longer from time to time as I also have private matters and things to learn.
    • Let me know of your suggestions in the comment section specially if I've missed an ATM Terminal or a Bank.
    • Also let me know of bugs on the comment section so I can fix it the soonest I can!



    • v3.1.0.0


      • Custom Configurations now supported! You can finally customize the mod's settings to your liking. Want Blips hidden? sure! Want different Hotkeys? feel free to change it!
      • Several Bug Fixes to further stabilize the mod's performance

    • v3.0.0.0

      • Implemented Large Bank Heist
      • Minor Tweaks to resolve bugs and issues

    • v2.0.0.0

      • Implemented ATM Terminal Robbery

    • v1.0.1.1

      • Fixed a bug that causes GTA V to crash on some users

    • v1.0.0.0

      • Initial release
      • Implemented Small Bank Heist



    • Re-distribution and re-uploading of my script mod to other websites is strictly forbidden (specially when without my permission) and will be reported!
    • For your own security, only download a copy of my mod from this website.
    • If for some reason your Anti-Virus flags my mod as a virus, verify that the downloaded archive’s SHA1 Checksum matches below (and if it does not, delete it immediately!):

      • v1.0.0.0 - 0ca6f608c060e8a6ed688ae24ff9ee719f7329ab
      • v1.0.1.1 - 58f40caddaf7d488676cb105ee9ab002ee45aa9d
      • v2.0.0.0 - 585939bcd02bb07f34ab60efe96a7005b4b7f745
      • v3.0.0.0 - 34945170d3fb3a510002458647d08f24b01cd9cb

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