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Be Homeless [.NET] 2.1b


✹Be Homeless Mod✹v2.1b by @EuphoricRager Init Release: *2/4/17

▶Change log v2.1b *25/4/17
✲I reset the ini file to it's prior defaults, I forgot to change them after testing.

▶Change log v2.1 *21/4/17
☑Wanted level for Low Class Soliciting is now configurable in the ini file.

▶Change log (Mega Update 2.0) *19/4/17
☑Added 3 new Hooker Skins
☑Added 2 new Homeless Skins
☑Added High Class Soliciting Option(Earn between $150-$300)
☑Added Low Class Soliciting Option(Earn between $50-$100)
☑All money earned for Homeless and Hooker jobs are randomized
☞Panhandling: between $1-$5
☞Car Window Washing between $2-$10
☑Low Class Hookers get a wanted level

▶Change log v1.6*17/4/17
☑Added configuration file (ini).

▶Change log v1.5*16/4/17
☑Added ability to earn money for doing petty jobs
✲If you decide to clean a patron's car window you will earn $5 quick and
✲If you decide to pan handle like the bum you are, you will get $1 for a lot
of standing around.
✘Known issue: Money only adds to your account if you are playing as a
default character.

▶Change log v1.4*14/4/17
☑Added Clean Car Window option

▶Change log v1.3*10/4/17
☑Working with latest scripthook
☑Added Equip Dagger option
☑Added Smoke Reefer option

▶Change log v1.2b *5/4/17
✲Fixed an issue where the mod was not working, there was a build error that is now resolved

▶Change log v1.2 *4/4/17
✲Fixed Stop animation function(now keeps your current skin instead of changing it back to homeless)

▶Change log v1.1 *3/4/17
☑Added cigarette animation
☑Added drinking animation
☑Added Build a campfire option(spawns slightly above the ground working on a fix I need help!)
☑Added warm up hands animation

▶The 'Be Homeless' menu mod allows you to roleplay as a homeless person or a hooker and has the following features:
♛3 Homeless Skins
♛3 Hooker/Prostitute Skins
♛Earn Money
♛High Class Soliciting
♛Low Class Soliciting
♛Slump Over
♛Stand Around
♛Hold Sign
♛Smoke a cigarette
♛Smoke Reefer
♛Equip Dagger
♛Build a campfire
♛Drink Booze
♛Take a Bath
♛Lean on Surface
♛Teleport to home(Hobo Village/Slums)


▶Open Menu: U
▶Close Menu: Backspace
⍟You can edit this with the ini file provided.


1▶Make sure you have ScriptHookV, SpriptHookDotNet & NativeUI installed
for this modification to work.

2▶Drag BeHomeless.dll into your scripts folder
*Example:(C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts)

Also make sure these are up to date:

1) MS Visual Studio 2013 Redist

2) MS Visual Studio 2015 Redist

Be sure you also have ScriptHookVDotNet installed (

Make sure you have NativeUI installed ('NativeUI.dll' should be in your scripts folder) get the latest NativeUI here:
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