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AirForce Intercept When Wanted w/ SixStar Support! 1.5



If you guys ever played & loved "Jet Intercept When Wanted" mod, Or the recent release of "Helicopter Intercept When Wanted", then buckle your seat belts for this one. For they have full fledged joined the AirForce Military. Now under a single roof, they'll be managed by the military & comes with few delightful configurations at users pleasure.

This Mod will also serve as base compliment to upcoming release of "Army At SixStars" mod, Airforce division, giving players action packed & heart-racing moments they'll hopefully never forget.

"Custom Wanted & AirForce Traffic" New Features:

The "Heli Intercept When Wanted" mod, for many who have tested it, will now be merged with the Airforce dispatch mod, thereby consolidating both mods into one (Jets & Heli's).

Four New AirTraffic Scenario's Are Available For Player Use (Jets, Heli's, including Coast Guard & Planes).

All original features from "Jet Intercept When Wanted" & "Heli Intercept When Wanted" Is included, as well as overall stability improvements & removal of any left over bugs, from those original scripts.

Can support up to 5 simultaneous Jets/Gunner Planes & UAV Drones, & of course any custom DLC types of your choice, that's recognized as plane. Now Ai pilots can have a Co-pilot with them, for any 2 seat Jets being used in pursuit. Both the Pilot & Co-pilots are now configurable in the ini settings.

Added SixStar support & compatibility for the upcoming "Army At SixStars" mod, which will be mostly directed for the US Airforce division.

Added New Real-time UI Airforce dispatch response, so players can get an idea of whats coming there way!

The "Custom Wanted Level" configuring, still remains from 3 to 5 stars, with SixStar support for ArmyAtSixStar Mod.

For the Heli Section, custom Ped add-ons will be supported. Currently defaulted to US Airforce division, with "SMY MARINES" taking charge. Users can change this to any of there liking using PedHash entry values.

Up to 8 Peds will be supported for Helicopter mounting, given the selected choice of Heli vehicle has the 8-seat capacity. Peds are tasked & directed to shoot on site, with variety of weapons, so don't think they'll just look pretty & clueless while flying high.

The Coast Guard Has Now Joined With The AirForce Division, dealing with all matters related to the coast, ocean & Submarine warfare! DLC add-ons is also supported & up to 8 Peds can be mounted, if Heli supports it.

A New General Plane Traffic Section Added: This is just for general Air Traffic scenario, where planes of your choice can spawn by arriving & taking off randomly to any of the 2 airports of Los Santos.

ScriptHookVDotNet 3.6
.NET Runtime 4.8

Recommended Complimentary Mod:
Army At SixStars Mod

Recommended Enhancements:
Air condensation on wings

Aircraft Flares and Chaff Countermeasures

Drop all files into your GTA5 scripts folder.

Change log:

v1.0 -

Official Release!

v1.1 -

> Added Option for mounting a Co-pilot for Ai ped pilot as a second seater. Both Pilot & Co-pilot Ped models are now configurable via ini setting file.

> Introduced The "Coast Guard Heli" Unit into the AirForce Division. Will be responsible for all things maritime related throughout ocean of San Andreas. Furthermore can also support up to 8 mounted Peds for their Heli, DLC add-on or vanilla. Follows the same Wanted Scheme as the Heli Wanted.

> Lastly Some Minor Additional Improvements Made.

v1.2 -

> Added ability for pilot's to engage in vehicle Ejection, upon any serious damage to their jet planes, alongside their Co-pilot. Although Parachute prop has been supplied, it is still yet observed in action, so more future testing maybe needed.

> Added Max Count capacity support for up to 8 Jets or Heli's to be able to spawn without issue, though the maximum 5 model random selection entry still remains, otherwise it could cause your game to crash if you go over. As always make sure your PC can handle this extra computing demand.

> Defaulted Coast Guard Heli's to spawn with "inBoatOnly" option, though they will stay remain in pursuit even after player leaves their boat, for they have been given authority over Water/Maritime related matters for engagement, which includes being in a Sub, underwater, swimming & etc. & will not cross over to land, except for the beach coast.

> Located & corrected some left-over minor & persistent errors that occasionally came up after long period gameplay, as a result of additional coding added. Now the Mod is made more robust & future-proof than ever!

v1.3 -

> Corrected the unresponsive Coast Guard Section, for the inBoatOnly parameter.

> Added a few more property conditions for spawning Coast Guard in the water, which wasn't really responsive from the last update.

> Private planes from the 'General Plane Traffic' section, can now be seen in the private plane parking lots, when visiting LSIA. As well as playing out there scripted Ai pilot controlled Arrival & Take-off scenario's.

v1.4 -

> Corrected a mistake made with the "Coast Guard" division, causing it to respond to Wanted Players entering any vehicle, instead of specific water-based vehicles, which eventually caused it to appear inland.

> Now added support for configurable WeaponHashes, (using the weapon name model, not values) on Heli & Coast Guard Peds. Now users are able to customize their choice of weapons they want for each mounted Ped, this includes giving them an RPG:), all except for the driver pilot obviously.

> Added the ability for Heli Pilots to perform "Emergency Landings", if & when their Heli vehicle sustains considerable damage, forcing all mounted Peds to disembark & continue their mission in pursuit of wanted Player suspect, on foot.

> Provided Jet pilots with a better parachute deployment script, upon there Ejection from a damaged Jet, although this remains to be tested for thorough conclusive proof.

v1.5 -

> Added a "Ped Model Name" input into the settings config ini file, for conveniently choosing your Peds model by name. Pedhash value input is no longer to be used. Note, When selecting a custom dlc add-on Ped you've created, it is advised not to make them a Heli driver, if you ever run into issues where the Heli keeps turning away upon arriving, until you can properly configure there Relationship status from their Ped.meta file, which is to be under a "cop" group.
Moreover, when specifically adding custom dlc add-on Peds, please mark them inside a quotation ".......", like this, PedName="navyseals", for all other original game model Peds like the SMM or SMY you don't need to use that. Write them normally using lower-case letters & avoid Capital letters.

> Added the ability to Turn off UI notification, by setting it to either "true" or "false". It comes Pre-Defaulted to "true".

-Comes with Read-me instruction.

Please No re-uploading, modification or selling of this mod is permitted without full informed consent & permission.

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