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Chloe Price from Life is Strange


GTA V - Chloe Price from Life is Strange

By TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod attempts to bring Chloe Price from Life is Strange to Grand Theft Auto V.

In Life is Strange, Chloe is one of the main characters of the game and most of the game's events revolve around her in some shape or form.

Since custom pedsare not yet possible, I've tried to re-create Chloe as best as I could. (Tried to replicate her outfit as best as I could)

After seeing RX1StrideR's Kokoro mod and getting a bit of insperation from a user on the Life is Strange subreddit, I got inspired to make this.

Also if commenting about the mod, please don't spoil the game, there might be some people viewing this who haven't finished it yet.

2.) Installation & Requirements

Before you even think of installing this, you need:

* OpenIV (

* JulioNIB's Iron Man script (

* ScriptHookV (

* ScriptHookVDotNet (

Then using OpenIV, go to x64c.rpf\levels\gta5\props\lev_des\v_minigame.rpf\ and replace prop_gaffer_tape_strip.ydr with my prop_gaffer_tape_strip/ydr

Then go to x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_mp.rpf\ and replace mp_m_famdd_01.yft and mp_m_famdd_01.ymt with my files, then go to the mp_m_famdd_01 folder
and import ALL of the files from the mp_m_famdd_01 folder.

Finally once you've downloaded the IronMan mod, drag and drop "TheNathanNS.Number3_armor.ini" to Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\IronmanV Files\armors

And you should be good to go!

3.) How to play as Chloe

Once ingame, using ANY trainer (IE Menyoo or Simple Native trainer) change your skin into mp_m_famdd_01

Then hit CTRL and N at the same time to bring up the NIB mods menu, using the NUMPAD (not DPAD), go to IronMan V v1.xx (numbers may very) then go down (2 on Numpad) and press 5 (on the numpad) on "Equip Armor: Chloe Price by TheNathanNS."

Your game should go to a black screen before reappearing with Chloe.

FINALLY, press INSERT and your game will freeze for a few seconds before unfreezing (this is to DISABLE the Iron Man powers, unless you want to keep them obviously)

Then have fun. I hope!

4.) Bugs

Because it's a prop spawned on the head, the head may look.... out of place in some areas. (IE interiors and night time) In sunny areas, the head should match the skin tone, like it does in the pictures.

The Misfit Skull texture on Chloe's shirt will look really low res on "normal" texture settings. As it does in the screenshots since I'm playing on an AMD Radeon 6450 (as of making this mod) on "high" or "Ultra" texture settings, the Misfit Skull texture should appear as it's intended

Due to the mod replacing mp_m_famdd_01 model, there are some leftover files of the original model. Don't mess around too much, or Chloe will end up having a gangster's body. :P

Likewise, when "she" grunts, she'll have a guy's voice. :|

5.) Credits

Chloe "converted" from Life is Strange by TheNathanNS

Inspired by RX1StrideR's Kokoro mod and a user on the Life Is Strange subreddit.

IronMan V by JulioNIB
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