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HD Remixed Appearances


I got bored. Changes a number of prominent side characters and replaces some textures with HD upscales.


Jimmy (added in 1.3):
- Douchebag chinstrap
- Switched jeans and shorts around, so now Jimmy will at least wear pants with his suit top
- Shorter hair.
- Removed neck tattoos.
- Upscaled face.

- Blonde hair.
- Dark leather jacket replaces her streetwear.
- Cut bikini replaces yoga outfit.
- Upscaled and edited face.

Dave Norton:
- Blue blazer.
- Upscaled hybrid of his prologue mustache face texture and his default one.
- Swapped goatee with mustache

- 1.3: added hatchet man tattoo.
- Shaved head.
- Upscaled face textures.
- Wears clown paint more often.
- Actual Juggalo decals instead of fake ones.
- Swapped Jnco jeans and shorts.

- Info wars shirt.

- Online outfit. (Only wears skirt outside of cutscenes.)

- Upscaled face texture.
- Fixed that weird hair discoloration on her face texture.
- Black suit with skirt. (Only wears skirt outside of cutscenes.)

Works for both in game and cutscene models.

Use openIV to install.
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