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Realistic Handling For Ziev's 65 Mustang 1.5

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Get the car here:

Version 1.5 changes the power level from crank horsepower to wheel horsepower, this means more accurate speeds and acceleration as well as a more realistic and more noticeable difference between automatic and manual transmissions.

This handling provides realistic power, top speed, gear ratios, center of gravity and engine sound for Ziev's 65 Mustang add on.

200 3.3L inline six
3 speed manual and 3 speed auto
Best braking and handling, poor acceleration and top speed.

Tuned 200 3.3L Inline six
3 speed manual
Six cylinder handling but almost as much power as the stock 289 V8.

289 4.7L V8
3 speed auto and 4 speed manual
Decent handling and braking, most power and speed.

Originally released at the 1964 Worlds Fair, the revolutionary styling of the first generation Mustang was a major sales success for Ford Motor Company and set an industry standard for a new class of automobile that would coincidentally come to be referred to as "pony cars". Other small, stylish, sporty, economy cars such as the "Chevy Two" Nova, the Plymouth Barracuda and the Dodge Dart were already popular at the time of the Mustangs release, however the Mustangs unique styling combined with its respectable performance instantly made it the most popular choice among similarly priced and styled cars, and although it wasn't necessarily the first car of that type the Mustang is certainly responsible for coining the term "pony car".

For 1965 two engines and three transmissions were available.
Options included an efficient and peppy 200 cubic inch 3.3L inline six available with either a three speed manual or three speed automatic, and the small but powerful 289 4.7L small block V8 available with either a 4 speed manual or a 3 speed automatic. Ironically the only functional improvement offered by the GT package was disc brakes.
Handling and braking were quite good for the time, thanks mainly to the lightweight yet rigid uni-body design and a well tuned, firm but forgiving suspension system with factory front coil over shocks and primitive yet effective multi leaf rear springs.
The standard 200 inline six may have modest beginnings but it has good performance potential that very few people are aware of. The factory 200's intake and exhaust manifolds are poorly cast and very restrictive, meaning simple intake and exhaust modifications are much more effective and beneficial for this engine than most others. Common cheap and easy mods for a 200 inline six are swapping from a single barrel to a two barrel carburetor by using an adapter plate, installing a performance exhaust manifold or "header" and a host of other mods for those with deeper pockets including performance heads and camshafts capable of pushing this little engines output into the same range as most small V8's. With all the nostalgia for V8 muscle cars modifying a classic inline six for performance has become a bit of a lost art and that is why I included an extra sound and handling representing a well modified Ford 200 inline six.

Inverse power by IKT is a must have mod if you are sick of the game letting off the gas for you in the middle of a slide.
Get it here:

My realistic surface traction overhaul mod is another must have for a more challenging and realistic driving experience on all terrain types.
Get it here:

If you like my mods and you wanna show your support then subscribe to my youtube channel, I'm non monetized and I post car and game videos regularly.
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