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RUNE Bistro [Add-On| Sounds] 0.85


Hove Beach is my place of work. Loan sharking is my main business, and selling fake sneakers, branded hoodies and watches is a side hustle, both get 'em every time.' 'I have two doors and a hatch body, I'm about to try and race some poor bastard in that Cheburek over there on the Ring Road, watch me!' Nothing screams both those vainglorious statements like the RUNE BIstro, a compact two-door hatchback equipped with pure Soviet-era power... if what you're looking for could be beaten by a Premier on a drag strip. It could possibly beat a Panto, though.

Another blyatmobile comes to GTA V, except that this time it's a bit newer than its predecessor.
Initially, the model had absolutely no enginebay, underside (detail), interior (lower) and trunk mesh, so those had to be made from scratch.

(0.85) [Current]
-Minor model improvements;
-Changed carvariations.meta;
-Edited engine sound.
-Major model alterations and remapping;
-Tail light split into two different parts (upper is now an indicator);
-New headlight texture;
-Added modkit;
-(Unconfirmed) Fixed engine sound not playing.
-Handling changes: Nerfed brake force, buffed engine power and reduced suspension upper/lower limit;
-Redone badges, written in latin rather than cyrillic;
-Russian plates removed from main model (it will be included in the modkit, possibily on 2.0).
-EDDLM: Fixed in-game name display error;
-EDDLM: Changed handling.meta;
-Made some improvements to the interior mapping;
-Reduced the wheel size.
-Fixed glass not crashing.
-Initial release.

@ Red Dot Games : Original model
@ Rockstar Games : Model bits
@ Myself : Model edits, badges, sound edits
@ Thundersmacker : Bonnet hinges
@ GCT: Rims
@ Yoel_44 : Light texture bits
@ Eddlm : Bug fixing, revamped handling, revamped carvariations, in-game screenshots
@ 13Stewartc : In-game screenshots, dlc.rpf
@Axslayer33: In-game screenshots
@GuywiththeJordan1s: Description

Spawn Name: bistro

Ask for permission in order to edit. Thank you.

Sound data (.rel) files for this car were ripped from my FiveM server, which has many other entries, meaning i could've possibily forgot something. Contact me if you can't hear any (or all) sounds.
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