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Lowboy Double Stack Containers [Replace] V4

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Version 4 now includes new containers, new collisions, new uv maps and textures. The LOD's have also been greatly improved. The top container has a short collision, so you can still climb on the lower container, and then to the top one. You can now choose your carrier well-car. Choose BNSF, CN, or TTX. Please read the READ ME very carefully.

This mod adds a low-boy double stacked container with changing liveries.

As of now I have only been working with Zmodeler for about 3 weeks, but I will continue to improve and offer new models for rail-fans.

For vehicles with livery support you can have up to 25 liveries per model. So feel free to get into the texture files and create some of your own.

If you are good with textures and would like to add your own and make mine look more worn and realistic, please do so and I will add them and credit you with the textures.

My models are not locked, you may edit them if you can improve them, just please credit me for my work. Also let me know what you did because I am still learning Zmodeler3.

You can add these to your mod just please credit me and let me know.

These models are edited and remapped from the vanilla rockstar models. I have tested them in game for long periods of time using Overhauled Trains mod. I have not noticed any memory crashing or random desktop crashing (beyond what I normally get).

These models are using 1024x1024 textures for the boxes. Its possible you can reduce them to 512 and still have them look fine (to reduce memory hits on the game).

The models are complete including LODs and COL.

Rockstar's maps in many places are not tall enough for doubles to fit properly, so the top box DOES NOT have a COL file. So the box wont get bumped off by low bridges or hit things on top of bridges like cars or peds. It also keeps the model size down and prevents the collisions from crashing the game.


Version 3 has improved mapping, textures and added some CN skins to the cars!
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