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Land Rover Defender Recovery Truck (with car) [Unlocked]


Land Rover Defender Flatbed Recovery Truck with Panto

WARNING! This is a VERY buggy mod! you have been warned, if you don't want it then don't download it, don't download just so you can complain,

This version will not fall through the floor if you land on your roof.
However collisions are still bad, but mainly at the rear.

Known Bugs:
- New bug, doors wont open except with a trainer, character simply steps through them to get inside :l (working on fixing this)
- collisions are not correct, it can reverse halfway into a wall before it stops,
- Glass not breakable
- Wheel texture colour is a bit uneven? I did change the texture colour but wasn't sure if it was an improvement or not so left it
- shooting certain areas of the body can cause steam/fire to sprout out
- If it explodes multiple wrecks spawn
- Extra spare bonnet wheel doesn't lift with hood,
-Custom wheels don't work

-Extras that randomly spawn or can be spawned with trainer (light bars windscreen shields custom bullbar, spare wheel)
-Can be painted ANY colour (will retain a police pattern on lighter colours)
-Sirens and lightbar work
-GB licence plates (non editable)

The bugs make it sound really bad but basically just try to avoid reversing into things lol and don't try to shoot anyone inside it and you'll be fine, it works perfectly fine aside from that, just use it for some offroading, adventuring, or whatever and it will be fine.

It is set as a replacement for the snow police Albany Roadcruiser

To install use openiv and go to
and replace the policeold2 files

included in the download are alternate lightbar colours and irish numberplates,
(stock is yellow lightbar and GB plates)

included is the template to make your own skins

ReModelling and retexturing : AuthorSaulAlan
Original 110 Model conversion : GTAEU-MODS
Converter of extra interior peices: HitmanNiko
Police texture original creator before editing: kinksta100

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