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Custom Overhaul for Greenaid's 82 Ford Econoline 1.0


Realistic handling, custom paintjobs and custom interiors turn Greenaid's 82 Econoline into a wild classic custom van!

Includes a handful of 4K paintjobs inspired by late 70's and early 80's custom vans with two interior styles to choose from and a choice of multiple engine, transmission and stance combinations to choose from including stock handling and stance if you so desire.

Classic custom van interior mods include:

Diamond tuck black vinyl dash and door panels with Trans Am style spun aluminum dash plates and custom "Boogie Van" dash emblem.

Old school custom chrome grille style speaker and AC vent covers.

A high quality era correct vintage pioneer tape deck.

Old school custom pedal pads and door lock knobs I made from scratch.

Choice of leopard print carpet and door panels or short red mohair/shag carpet and outer space door panels.

Paintjob choices include:

One small and one large side mural of art by album cover artist Roger Dean with minor photoshop edits by me.

One small side mural of a desert stock image, original artist unknown.

One small and one large Heavy Metal side and rear mural. Original Heavy Metal Art by Chris Achilleos with photoshop edits and green "Loc Nar" orb with lightning by me.

Two small outer space side murals of cool looking stock image/PC backgrounds. Artists unknown.

One small outer space side mural of a snow planet scene called Stolen Earth, by Jonatan Cwiakalski

One large side mural of a desert planet scene called Brown Dwarf by JustV23 on DeviantArt.

One small outer space side mural of a desert planet with rings called Red Dwarf also by JustV23.

Realistic handling offers you choice of the stock stance or the stance you see in the screenshots when competition suspension is equipped as well as the choice of multiple engines and transmissions. Obviously the lowered stance handles much better than the stock stance.

Engine and transmission choices include a basic stock 351 V8 that is extremely slow in this heavy van coming in mid 17 to 18 seconds in the quarter mile with a roughly 105 MPH top speed.

A factory optional 460 big block V8 hauls the vans heavy weight around much better than the small block 351. This engine with the standard automatic and standard axle ratio is much faster than the smaller 351 V8 and can keep up with most average cars. Top speed is just over 120 MPH.

A factory optional 460 big block V8 with optional 4 speed manual transmission and optional 4.10 axle ratio would have been the ideal way to order one of these vans if you wanted one that was at least mildly fast. The low 4.10 axle ratio trades top speed and fuel economy for torque and acceleration making this package faster than your average car (on acceleration) and even faster than some low level sports cars coming in mid 15 to high 14 seconds in the quarter mile. Top speed suffers at roughly 105 MPH but it gets there much faster than the standard geared 460 can get to 120.

To install with openIV you choose one handling.meta and vehicles.meta and replace them in the data section of Greenaids 82 Econoline DLC pack.
Then you replace e15082.ytd located in the X64/vehicles.rpf section of Greenaids 82 Econoline DLC pack. To use the optional interior or paintjob choices you must open the .ytd file in OpenIV and replace them manually.
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