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Bravado Bison Butcher K/S [Add-On | Extras | Tuning] 1.5


Bravado Bison King-Size [Add-On/Extras/Modshop] v1.5
Update v1.5: Now Customizable at Los Santos Customs
Added New Custom Bison King-Size Boot Badge.
Added an entire new stock of customizable options for the Bison K/S
perhaps you have a bison model you want to give customizable options
This model is free for public use, feel free to use this as you please.
Inc: Bravado Bison Butcher (The Butcher is the King-size without,
the K/S lift and Customizable at Los Santos Customs.)

Bravado Bison King-Size [Add-On/Extras] v1.3
Update v1.3: Fixed interior issue, body trim, audio gear in the bed
Off-road King-Size lift. Thanks to: GTAV Noob Modder117 for reporting the problem with the interior.

The Bravado Bison King-Size is a four-door off-road pickup truck.
from an ugly old racehorse to a beautiful new mustang!
can't let the Sand-King have all the fun in the sun.

Description: Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
"Boys love trucks, as do dogs, The Bison King-Size the pick-up truck of choice for off-road junkies and redknecks, Bravado realized they could double the price and market the Bison as a King-Sized Off-Road to help you feel like men again. though we don't recommend you put your boy or dog in the back of this baby when ripping through pristine environments. Leave only tire tracks and empty beer cans to let them know you were there"

How to install:
1. You need an OpenIV program .
2. Turn on the edit mode “Tab - File, item - edit mode”.
3. Put "bsonking" folder in: ( mods\update\x64\dlcpacks )
4. Add this line: ( dlcpacks:/bsonking/ )
to dlclist.xml in: ( mods\update\update.rpf\common\data )

Body trim, audio gear in the bed, offroad king-size lift
Tuned headlights, Functioning brake lights, Parking lights
Direction indicators, Breakable body, headlights and glass
There are holes from bullets, Working devices, Tuned camera
when driving from the first person, Hands on the wheel, Engine model
Display in high-quality mirrors, Its shadow, Well-developed mud mapping
The model contains all levels of detail (LOD), 3D tires and wheels,
The model is compatible with the basic functions of the game engine
High-quality HQ model; Detailed interior.

Vehicle spawn ID: bisonking

Credits to: Rockstar games, for their original models
and parts from inside game content and document files.

Special thanks to: The 5mod community for downloading, supporting
using and sharing my vehicle models.

JxsonMxkxveli Twitter, Leaked Screenshots of upcoming 5mods content and builds by JxsonMxkxveli. I created a twitter page to share screenshots of upcoming build i am working on or to share patch notes on recent updates to my modded content. Link: The 5mods mature community is more than welcome to use this model for any type of mods they are creating, it was a (personal) model that I made to enjoy in my own game, however, I had a few of my friends that wanted me to upload it and a few other different mods of mine on this website, so I thought that I would share my custom mods. enjoy and have fun, please report any issues with the model to me if you happen to find any.
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