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6STR Handling Overhaul 0.8


What's new
Drift Yosemite's handling. Reworked grip, turning angle, torque and suspension.

The handling mod noone asked for.

It modifies the handling of some of the 6STR Crew's released vehicles, making their behavior more coherent with their shape. It also fixes some handling issues, along visual clipping.

Requires the original vehicles to be installed to work. This mod does not include models, only .meta files.

Supported Vehicles
- Yosemite Drift
- Ruff Weld Comet Widebody
- Sentinel Custom
- Revolution
- Revolution Widebody
- Schwartzer 'Aggressor' Custom
- Ruff Weld Comet Widebody
- Ruiner Custom
- Tempesta Custom
- Futo GT Hatch Custom
- Gauntlet Custom

Ruiner Custom, Futo GT and Yosemite Drift Hatch have their actual handlings changed a bit, as the original "drift" handling left them sliding all over the place, unable to be driven properly under any circumstances. Effectively crippling overspecialization.

Their new handling allows drifting (AWD on the Ruiner, RWD on Futo GT Hatch) while keeping a sensible grip behavior when driven properly.

Ruiner, being a very powerful AWD, has the ABS removed so you can "back out" out of corners mid-drift, effectively stopping the car only of the Y axis, while keeping it going sideways.

The overhal only supports Add-On releases, that's why you will notice not all of these download links come from GTAWiseguy, but useruser111, who has been kind enough to make proper Add-On versions of any vehicle not released as such originally. Thanks to him in that regard!

Coming Soon
- Drift Tampa V2

- Sentinel Custom & Comet Ruff Weld
· Fixed suspension upper limit clipping
· Reworked suspension to resemble a custom suspension setup (no cut strings)

- Schwartzer 'Aggressor' Custom
· Fixed inverted leaning (check pictures)

- Revolution S & Revolution S Widebody
· Reworked handling (grip, traction curve, suspension setup), Widebody's handling is now directly derived from the stock Revolution

- Tempesta Custom & Gauntlet Custom
· Improved suspension lower bounds

- Futo GT Hatch Custom & Ruiner Custom.
· Reworked handling so it can drift while also allowing for sensible driving.

Future plans
Rework all the handlings basing them on the original vehicle (Futo > Futo Hatcback Custom, for example)

With this overhaul I wanted to give the 6STR Crew cars a few fixes and more sensible handling behavior.

For example, lowered vehicles like the Sentinel Custom or Comet RuffWeld featured a pretty vanilla suspension setup, which allowed the tires to clip and deal with bumps fairly well for a vehicle with near to zero clearance.

As they now have a pretty limited upper limit, they deal with the bumps as you would expect: horribly. Not only does this fix that visual clipping glitch, but gives their behavior some more personality, as their style now actually affects how they handle, as it should be.

Vehicles having proper downsides along their advantages always makes (sense) things more interesting, and sometimes balances out the gameplay nicely.

Do take the Revolution S for a ride, then drive some more on the Revolution Widebody, whose handling is almost 1:1 the original revolution, but suffering from the widebody limitations (limited suspension travel). You will understand what I am talking about.

Install the .oiv package with OpenIV Package Installer.
Or, create a new folder in /x64/dlcpacks called 'ssc_overhaul', put the dlc.rpf file inside it, and add 'ssc_overhaul' to the entries in dlclist.xml.

Make sure its the last dlc entry, so it overwrites the original handling files.
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