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    Yea, when entering my companions house I'm still skydiving under the map. It sucks because that's the only issue with this mod. Everything else is great! I can't rate until this issue gets resolved, but it will be a 5 star rating.

    in urma cu 43 minute
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    @SPYKBLOOD @KasHavok you have to press "insert" to reload scripts for the mod to initiate the next time. Your relationship will go to the level you saved it.

    5 hours ago
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    Great mod but whenever I go to the girl's house, I fall through the map. Also, whenever I save the setting for EAI they go back to their defaults. Very bizarre.

    22 hours ago
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    @mcal9909 dude, you've breathed new life into this game that none of the DLCs combined could do! Congratulations, man!

    18 Iulie 2021
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    @mcal9909 I can't believe all of the progress you've made with this mod since I've been gone! This is phenomenal work!

    17 Iulie 2021
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    I'm giving this 5 stars because it's awesome, but I am dealing with a bug that after selecting a random scenario, if the character dies the game gets stuck on a black screen and playing the sound effect it plays when you die, but the game never recovers until I kill it through the Task Manager. It's still a lot of fun! Thanks!

    20 Iunie 2021
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    I love this mod for my LSPDFR gameplays, but I noticed the baby won't spawn for multiplayer characters, but will spawn for main characters. I'm sure I can figure it out by looking at the lua file. Great work, dude!

    07 Martie 2021
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    Thanks Pedro and mcal99091! Worked like a charm.

    03 August 2020
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    @mcal9909 This mod has been amazing! I was wondering if there's a way to remove the dealers holding a gun? I have a guy working inside of a club, and a posh girl working inside of a high end clothing store, and it stands out that they're carrying artillery. Absolutely am obsessed with the dealers expansion as it really makes you feel like a kingpin. Thanks for keeping this game fresh!

    02 August 2020