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    @ANeRTee amazing mod man. Everything about this car is awesome, its just that im running into a problem, the interior lights are way too bright, i was having the same issue with rolls royce dawn by Gta5KoRn and i've tried that coronas begone mod and custom game config but none of that is working.
    Currently i have multiple mods installed including NVR,LA billboards,beta vegetation and props,euphoria ragdoll overhaul, epic explosions and ironman and hulk mod. I also have some addon vehicles but i've tried deleting them(vehicles) and it didn't fix the problem. Also i am unable to play missions as the cutscenes are not loading. the issue with missions is not related to this mod but it will be a great help if someone helps me out with that.

    20 Septembrie 2019
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    does this mod work with natural vision remastered and addon vehicles?

    17 August 2019
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    i love these type of mods. im here to encourage the modders to keep up the good work. my message for everyone else is to support the modders by donating and please use a legit copy of the game itself.

    ive played many wwe games and wished for a playable wrestling mod for a gta game
    and i gotta say this is definitely a step in the right direction. All this mod needs to get more attention is better textures, sounds, peds as the audience, and obviously a wrestling type of fighting mechanics. Now i am a noob and have no knowledge about scripting/modding but i know that all this will require a lot of work. In the end i wanna say that with hard work anyone can accomplish great things,.....there are many mods that i thought would be impossible to be developed but still there are some jaw dropping mods (example: ironman/avengers, natural vision remastered, ragdoll overhaul etc)
    im happy that you made this mod and will highly appreciate your work if you made the changes i recommended in future updates

    quick suggestion: about the ropes......instead of making them all solid why dont you replace them with decals and only make the bottom rope solid so that it has some climbable animation?

    AGAIN dont give up on this mod man.......the possibilities are end less (example: more weapons to use, massacres, proper backstage stories that are more like career mode get the city life of player) THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME MOD IM PROUD OF THIS COMMUNITY!!

    17 August 2019
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    please make a ken kaneki (from tokyo ghoul) mod

    04 Iunie 2018