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    So I discovered that the tail lights DO light up properly... when using the blinkers. So the function is there but tied to the wrong action. How would I change the lights (currently activated by using the blinkers) to activate just by turning the head/taillights on?

    06 Octombrie 2023
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    @HKH191 FYI your discord link is expired lol. When entering the diamond casino garage I keep falling through the map in an endless parachuting loop void. It says "error on 3" and stuck on "create cars stage 1" while I'm skydiving. I followed the installation steps carefully.

    The 0 car multicomplex garage loads for me but it's filled entirely with random variations of one of my modded cars... is this normal??

    18 Septembrie 2023
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    Ruined my entire game, can't uninstall. Replaces entire dlclist.xml with garbage. If you install this, YOU MUST CREATE A BACKUP FIRST.

    29 August 2023
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    Thank you so much for making this! Was dying for an RL, but an RLX works too! Any chance we'll get proper handling and fixed taillights? The car slides all around the road light as a feather, and the stripes in the taillights don't light up...

    27 August 2023
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    For some reason, when I start the mod and try to exit my car my character can't move? They're just stuck in place. Can shoot and the running animation plays when I move but my character goes nowhere. Any ideas how to fix this?

    02 Septembrie 2019
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    So the icons show up for me, but I can't go inside the casino. My scripts folder is renamed to scripts with a lowercase S, I have MP maps turned on, but when I press insert to reload scripts my game crashes. I have heap limit adjust installed, gameconfig installed and the packfile limit installed. I don't get how I'm supposed to reload this script if it just crashes my game? I don't have many mods installed either, only 6.

    26 August 2019
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    @sollaholla Wonderful mod! Quick question though: I'm in deep space and FINALLY made it to the Keplar system on the other side... well, almost. I'm aligned with the marker but it must be either really far above or below me because there's nothing here... is this a secret? Glitch? What's going on with this?

    07 Octombrie 2017
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    @MAESTRE It's definitely addon peds, I have a clean vanilla game except for that. I didn't try adding models one-by-one though, and I use streamed peds. That could be the issue.
    Oh well, I'm patient, I can wait for an official update lol.

    16 Decembrie 2016
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    @Meth0d @MAESTRE I can confirm that this fix doesn't work. I tried combinations of multiple values, all still yielding a game crash.

    16 Decembrie 2016
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    This is wonderful, I'm just confused about two things:
    1: Why did the newest update remove her casual outfit's glasses?
    2: why is there another face texture for her when changing it with a trainer? It makes her look like an entirely different person, what was the purpose of this?

    12 Decembrie 2016