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    "an unstable design that fell on its side with as much as a nasal exhale" Oh lalá.. C'est ne pas comme ça! In Ingrish: 'not like that' . The fun bit of a 2cv was that it almost could nòt be toppled.... unless you dáred steering at anything from 15mph..while in reverse!. (great, funny YT vids on that. Look them up. Hilárious)

    Had 2cv's in the family for as long as I can remember. Drove quite a few km's with them and You could slam it from left to right with abandon at almost ány speed... Though.. "speed was a tad relative.. With a bit of a headwind..hmm.. máaaybe 63mph.. máybe.. And it took about 35 to 40 seconds to get there.. if at all.. :lol:

    Must Have Download, though. ( waiting for scripthookV te be updated)

    03 Aprilie 2020
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    And, Yes. It's the launcher update, because an hour earlier it worked fine. Now Scripthook does no longer recognize the game version. No replacing Update.rpf by a vanilla one is gonna fix that. ( tried it.)

    31 Martie 2020
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    Dagnabbit!!! AGAIN rockstar killed Scripthook. This time by updating the Rockstar launcher. You'd almost start thinking they do it on purpose because they detèst the off-line players with all their mods that can use every new item without the slog of on-line grinding ( where their money lies.. shark cards.. nuff'said)

    31 Martie 2020