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    Nice work. it would be cool to see "incidents" like this all around SA (that happen happen very rarely). Like an intersection blocked for a car accident etc.

    26 Mai 2016
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    This doesn't work for me- I installed manually. Did you forget to mention in your instructions to add content to "extratitleupdate" ?

    24 Mai 2016
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    Awesome! Keep up the fantastic work!

    24 Mai 2016
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    @Vitalik2187836 Ah- I see! I am new to GTA 5 modding. Thanks for the hard work !

    24 Mai 2016
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    Yep- confirmed this has broken my GTA:V. Please do be careful people. It finally installed the 'updates' (according to the above) and now is "ready to play" but the game will not launch (keeps saying GTA V exited unexpectly- even in safe mode!)

    23 Mai 2016
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    Thanks for the hard work- but it has broken my install. Instructions (English) are not clear at all. Please help me fix. All I did was:

    1. Double click Airport.oiv and tell it to install to my mod folder. There was no progress for 10 minutes, so I stopped.

    2. I tried opening GTA- and it wanted to re-download the ENTIRE game

    3. I opened Airports.oiv and installed to "Game Folder". It completed.

    4. I opend GTA and it wanted to download some update (1.97GB). It then went to another download page (saying it had downloaded 52GB or 55GB) but that download doesn't progress (stuck at 0.0kb/s).

    Game was working perfectly before- and I made no other changes.

    Please help

    22 Mai 2016