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  • Michael

    @mrchazta sorry for the late reply and thank you for including my suggestions in the next update

    04 Decembrie 2015
  • Michael

    I have a few suggestions:
    1). Speeding Above 95 km/h=trouble, result=speeding ticket, to solve it you can bribe the officer or solve it with the honest way.

    2). Not wearing Helmet or Seat Belt (maybe you can make an additional seat belt mod for this mod)=trouble, result=stopped by the police, you can solve it by bribing or do the honest way.

    3). License of having guns, you need to create a license to buy guns from AmmuNation or don't bother to create one because you can buy them through the black market or ilegal arms dealer (maybe you can create additional mods for them too).

    4). Taxes, you need to pay tax once a month (maybe a week because the time system of the game).

    5). Criminal Records, it's simple. Every crime you commit will be recorded in the rap sheet.

    6). Fugitive, now everytime you flee 3 stars wanted level, wanted posters will be posted around the city and you will become a fugitive and people will react to you differently. Some may afraid of you or try to call the police and if you don't stop 2 stars wanted level will trigger automatically. To clear your name, you can ask Dave Norton for his help but he won't be always available or you can pay your time in the prison (you can work with the guy who create the prison mod for this).

    02 Decembrie 2015
  • Michael

    Can anybody give me a tutorial to create the C#/VB.NET scripts? PLEASE HELP!

    22 August 2015
  • Michael

    What the f*ck is wrong with Rockstar? First no bloody footsteps, lame impact physics, lame blood physics and now these?! BTW great find man!

    16 Iulie 2015
  • Michael

    Michael Bay will be proud. Great mod man, i really liked it! And can you reduce the explosion speed to the default one on the next updare?

    14 Iulie 2015
  • Michael

    Forget my first question, i have another issue. After i press E i can't move around, please help!

    01 Iulie 2015
  • Michael

    Fleeca Bank entrance to be exact

    01 Iulie 2015
  • Michael

    PLEASE HELP! I can't open the bank entrance. How to fix that?

    01 Iulie 2015
  • Michael

    Can anybody give me a tutorial to create the C#/VB.NET scripts>C#/VB.NET? Thanks!

    30 Iunie 2015
  • Michael

    @KingWolf36 I already tried that. Ended up in the front of police station like usual.

    29 Iunie 2015